Highland County Personal Injury Lawyer

We all expect that other people and companies will at reasonably to keep us safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A momentary lapse in judgment, a poor decision, or even a manufacturing error could lead to events that result in harsh physical injuries. Of course, these physical injuries may not be the only way that an incident impacts a person’s life. An accident or an act of violence may also jeopardize an individual’s ability to earn a living or to spend time with loved ones. These are all compensable losses for which at-fault parties are responsible.

A Highland County personal injury lawyer could help to pursue the lawsuits and insurance claims that are necessary to collect these payments. A dedicated attorney could explain the laws that apply to your case, gather evidence of defendant fault, and press for fair payments every step of the way.

Common Ways Personal Injury Accidents are Known to Occur

Every step or act that a person takes in their life leaves them vulnerable to the actions of others. Even if an individual acts with the utmost caution, they may fall victim to an injury.

Most injuries are the result of accidents. These include traffic collisions, slip and falls, defective product malfunctions, and even medical malpractice. In these situations, another party does not intend to cause any harm, but the law says that they are liable for the resulting damage.

Another source of personal injuries are intentional acts of violence. In these instances, the police and/or prosecutor may pursue criminal charges against an attacker. Even so, the only way to collect compensation for damages is to pursue a separate but related civil claim for reimbursement. A Highland County personal injury attorney can help to pursue cases based on both accidents and intentional acts of violence.

Proving Fault After an Accident

Regardless of the exact reason for why an injury occurs, the burden is always on the hurt person to prove that another party was to blame. Unlike other jurisdictions, in Virginia, specifically in Highland County, this means showing that another party carries all the blame. According to Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, the Commonwealth uses the concept of contributory negligence in accident cases. This means that if a jury believes that an injured person contributed in any way to an incident, that jury cannot award compensation for a person’s losses.

A Highland County personal injury lawyer can fight to prevent this outcome. An attorney can gather evidence from a variety of sources to prove that another party was solely responsible for an injury. Additionally, a lawyer can work to prove how that negligence or act of violence negatively impacted a person’s life. These factors combine to bring people the best chance of receiving appropriate payments for their losses.

Seek Justice with the Help of a Highland County Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries have the potential to derail every part of your life. Not only will an injury require medical care, but it could impact your ability to earn a living or to enjoy life as a whole. While there is no doubt that a party responsible for an incident that resulted in an injury is liable for their actions, proving this liability is another thing entirely.

A Highland County personal injury lawyer may be able to help you to collect the compensation that you deserve. An attorney can help you understand the law and take the necessary steps to collect evidence of a defendant’s fault. In most situations, a case can end with a fair settlement without ever needing to go to court. Reach out to a legal professional today to learn more!