Franklin County Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries occur much more frequently than we would like. As a result, there is a well-established legal system in place to provide you with the damages and remedies you deserve. A skilled Franklin County personal injury lawyer can help hold the defendant responsible for their actions. In addition, with a dedicated attorney at your side, you could focus on healing from your injury while your attorney takes charge of your case and works to get you the compensation you deserve.

Proving a Personal Injury

A key part of recovering for a personal injury is proving the defendant’s actions caused the injury. To save time down the road, keep all medical records from treatment after suffering an injury. A personal injury attorney in Franklin County can help determine which personal injury medical records to save.

It is important to know that suing for a personal injury opens the plaintiff’s medical history up for inspection. If a plaintiff had a similar injury prior to the incident, the defense might attempt to use this to prove that they did not cause the personal injury. Be prepared to turn over old medical records and to answer questions about any relevant medical history.

Common Injuries

The majority of personal injuries occur in a handful of similar ways. Car accidents, slip and falls, product liability, and premise liability cases are among the most common causes of personal injuries. As a result, the Courts tend to see similar injuries among the plaintiffs.

This familiarity with personal injuries is a benefit to the plaintiff. Most importantly, there may not be as many doubts as to if it was an injury never seen before. These common injuries include:

  • Cuts and lacerations- A plaintiff can recover for any cut or laceration that causes pain or leaves a scar.
  • Head injuries- These can include concussions, memory loss, contusions, and memory loss.
  • Spinal injuries- A spinal injury can include any injury to the neck or back. Spinal injuries include herniated discs and any nerve pain caused by a spinal injury.
  • Orthopedic injuries- A broken bone, dislocation, and ligament sprains and tears.

Insurance Coverage for Personal Injuries

Unfortunately, these injuries require medical care, and that costs money. Some plaintiffs may not have the luxury of paying out of pocket and waiting for money from their lawsuit. To help with medical costs, Virginia allows insurance companies to offer MedPay to their insureds for injuries arising from car accidents.

Virginia Code §38.2-2201, an insured can request MedPay from their insurance companies to cover personal injuries due to a car accident. Medpay is available only in circumstances when a plaintiff has chosen that coverage through their own insurance policy.

MedPay covers all reasonable and necessary medical expenses the plaintiff suffered. These expenses include hospital and doctor office visits, chiropractic, dental, surgical, prosthetic, and rehabilitation services. Insurance companies may give individuals a difficult time, so finding a personal injury attorney in Franklin County may get financial assistance quicker and easier.

Consult With an Injury Attorney in Franklin County

Navigating a personal injury lawsuit can be difficult. A Franklin County personal injury lawyer has experience with these cases and acting in your best interest.

Personal injury attorneys know how to best present your injury to both the courts and insurance companies. Insurance companies are more willing to cooperate when an attorney is making demands. Using a skilled personal injury attorney can be the difference in your case and recovery.