Chantilly Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Typically, a pedestrian accident is an accident that involves anyone that is not in a motor vehicle. For example, if a person is walking and struck by a bicycle, a motorcycle, a bus, or a motor vehicle, then they would be the victim of a pedestrian accident.

Generally speaking, pedestrian accidents are quite severe and people can be very seriously injured. Additionally, because the person walking is not operating a motor vehicle, their insurance may not be available to cover them making it even more important a strong injury claim is put forward. With these things in mind, a Chantilly pedestrian accident lawyer can assist in compiling evidence and guiding the injured party through the claims process. To learn more or discuss the specifics of your case, call and schedule a consultation with an injury attorney in Chantilly today.

Pedestrian Accident vs. Auto Accident Injuries

Compared to the types of injuries typically sustained in auto accidents, pedestrian accidents can be extremely severe. Additionally, there may be complications from the accident, including permanent injuries that are sustained. A person may lose consciousness or be transported by an ambulance or other emergency medical technicians as a result of a Chantilly pedestrian accident. They may even have serious lacerations and abrasions, or scarring. It is also not uncommon for someone struck by a motor vehicle to be dragged by that motor vehicle, causing severe damage to their body. While these damages on the surface may heal, there may be lasting psychological scarring as well that warrants attention with a pedestrian accident attorney in Chantilly.


Physical injury and lost wages, refer to the category of damages known as special damages. These types of damages are easily quantifiable, meaning they can easily put a number on how much the medical bills were and how much in wages the person lost by being unable to work due to their injuries. In addition to these there may be also pain and suffering damages, which are damages attributed to a person’s loss of their enjoyment of life, loss of the ability to do what they enjoy doing, and the pain and suffering of the process that they had to go through because of the negligence of someone else.

Pain and suffering damages are going to be different for every person because people have different interests. Some of them may be more active, thus a broken leg as a result of the pedestrian accident may cause them to miss the running race or cycling event they were training for. For someone who works a lot with their hands, the result of a broken wrist may be very traumatic. There are a lot of different ways that someone can be injured as a result of these pedestrian cases and how traffic laws and these damages may affect them, which is why it is so important to get in contact with a Chantilly pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Initial Consultation With an Attorney

If someone contacts a firm about a consultation in a pedestrian accident case, they should expect the lawyer to inquire about their well-being. It is human nature and it is absolutely important for interacting with the person that will represent your case. People call at all different stages and through the recovery process, and it is important for the attorney to make sure they are clear headed and ready to discuss the case. If they are in pain, on medication, or not at their best, it may be better to have some initial conversations and then reschedule a time when they can devote their resources to a longer conversations. At a consultation, the Chantilly pedestrian accident attorney will want to know a lot about the case. They will want to know where it occurred, what observations the injured party has made, as well as if there were witnesses involved and police reports filed, the full gamut.

Next Steps

If after the initial consultation both parties decide that an attorney-client relationship is in everyone’s best interest, a representation is made and activated. Different firms have different styles of representation agreements, but the representation agreements that our firm executes are quite standard. It has a variety of different language that tells the client what to expect throughout the initial process of the case and the litigation process of the case should their case proceed to litigation. It also includes what is called an HIPAA release, allowing the attorney to request medical records on their behalf. It is an important part of the litigation process and the pre-litigation process for any injury case. It also includes a detailed questionnaire about their background. The Chantilly pedestrian accident attorney wants to know more about them so that they can be effective advocates on the individual’s behalf.

Chantilly Pedestrian Accident Lawyer