Augusta County Personal Injury Lawyer

Whenever a personal injury is the result of another party’s actions, injured persons have the right to demand compensation. However, it falls on the injured person to prove an adverse party is at fault and to demonstrate how an injury causing incident has affected their life.

An Augusta County personal injury lawyer can help with this process. A resourceful attorney can perform a full investigation of the incident and place the facts within the framework of the law. Using this information, your legal team can prove defendant fault and demand proper compensation from all at-fault parties.

Helping Injured People to Prove Fault After an Injury

In certain situations, the law places a duty on parties to protect others. This includes getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, selling consumer products, inviting guests onto one’s property, or taking a patient into medical care. In each of these scenarios, a party must take proper precautions to not place others at an unreasonable risk of harm. A failure to provide this protection that results in an injury forms the basis for personal injury claims and lawsuits

An attorney could help to investigate the incident that resulted in an injury. An attorney can gather evidence in the form of police reports, witness statements, and documentation. Using this evidence, a lawyer can work to build cases against negligent parties that prove fault for an injury. Contact a personal injury attorney in Augusta County today to let them get to work for you!

An Accurate Measurement of Losses is Key to a Successful Claim

Once an injured party is able to prove that the actions of another were responsible for an injury, it is necessary to demonstrate how that injury has impacted their life. Naturally, the core of the case involves a physical injury. In fact, a physical injury that requires medical care is necessary to even begin a case. That being said, an injury does not need to be life-threatening to justify a claim. No matter how serious an injury is and how much medical care it requires, an at-fault party must provide full payment for all associated bills.

In addition, most personal injuries affect a person’s life in more ways than one. Most physical injuries are extremely painful, but this pain will not appear on any medical bill. Here, a claim for compensation can demand payments for this lost quality of life. Many people also find that the incident has left them unable to work. People who lose time on the job because of an injury or who ensure a permanent disability deserve compensation necessary to make up for this lost income. An Augusta County personal injury attorney could help to properly measure how an incident has impacted a person’s life.

A lawyer can also ensure that a case meets the Commonwealth’s statute of limitations. This is a law that controls how long a person has to demand payments after an injury. The Code of Virginia § 8.01-243 says that this time limit is two years from the date of loss in most situations. Due to this law, acting quickly is just as important as being able to prove a case. 

Contact an Augusta County Personal Injury Attorney Today

Suffering a personal injury has to potential to throw your life into chaos. Of course, your first priority should be to seek out the medical care that you need to make your best recovery. However, the incident could also leave you with emotional pain and lost income.

A skilled attorney wants to help you to collect the compensation that you need to set things right. This includes explaining the relevant laws, gathering evidence of defendant fault, exploring how the incident has affected your life, and demanding full payments from at-fault parties. Call an Augusta County personal injury lawyer today to see how they could help you.