Amelia County Personal Injury Lawyer

Every personal injury is a traumatic event that requires your full attention. While most people focus on making their best recovery and getting their lives back to normal, it is just as important to understand how these events affect your legal rights.

If another person or company failed in their obligation to keep you safe, they are liable to provide compensation for your losses. Still, the burden falls to you to connect another party’s conduct to your injuries.

An Amelia County personal injury lawyer may be able to help. A dedicated attorney could handle all the details of seeking compensation for your losses while allowing you to turn your attention to your health.

Personal Injury Claims that Arise Out of Accidents

Most personal injuries are the result of accidents. In these situations, another party’s carelessness or negligence caused an injury. Even though these parties did not intend to cause any harm, their failure to provide protection may make them liable to provide compensation.

Classic examples of scenarios that can create legal liability after an accident include:

  • Premises liability claims, such as slips and falls
  • Car, truck, motorcycle, or bicycle collisions
  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective product claims

In each of these situations, an injured person must prove that another party’s failure to provide protection was the sole cause of the injury. This is because of the Commonwealth’s law concerning contributory negligence. According to the Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, an injured individual who did not take reasonable steps to protect themselves cannot collect any payment from another party. An Amelia County personal injury attorney could help pursue cases against negligent parties while shielding an injured person from allegations of contributory negligence.

Criminal Acts of Violence are also Actionable

It is also possible to pursue a personal injury case after being the victim of a crime. Assaults, kidnappings, and sexual crimes can all inflict physical harm as well as emotional traumas. The people who commit these acts or the organizations that allow them are liable to provide compensation to the victims.

In these cases, the outcome of a criminal case can be powerful evidence in a civil case for damages. If a criminal court convicts a person, there is no longer any doubt that this act occurred. Because courts will not consider the question of whether an event took place more than once, a finding of guilt in a criminal court can transfer to a civil case. Still, a criminal conviction is never a prerequisite to demanding payment through a civil lawsuit. An Amelia County law firm could help personal injury victims seek compensation from the responsible parties. This includes leveraging a criminal conviction into a potent civil claim.

Let an Amelia County Personal Injury Attorney Help You

Pursuing a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit can be a complex undertaking. It requires a knowledge of the law and the ability to leverage evidence into powerful claims for compensation. Understandably, you may be overwhelmed or confused when dealing with the insurance companies.

Thankfully, an Amelia County personal injury lawyer may be able to help. An attorney could work to explain your rights and how they intersect with the law. They could then act to gather evidence and protect your case from aggressive insurance companies. Finally, if it is necessary to take your case to court, an Amelia County personal injury attorney could argue your case before a jury. Reach out today to get started.