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After getting pulled over while driving it can be tempting to just pay the fine printed on your ticket and move on with your life.  What you might not realize is that paying a traffic ticket in South Carolina means you have pled guilty to a criminal offense, and could have significant consequences for you in the future, especially if you have multiple traffic offenses on your record.

If you want to fight an alleged traffic offense for any reason, you will almost certainly need help from an accomplished South Carolina traffic lawyer.  Getting a ticket or traffic charged dismissed requires several procedural steps and legal experience, and a qualified defense attorney is almost always the best place to source that expertise from.

The Points System for Traffic Offenses

Any time someone is convicted in court, pleads guilty in court, or accepts guilt by paying a fine for a traffic offense in South Carolina, they will generally receive a certain number of “points” on their driver’s license, with more severe offenses resulting in higher point increments as noted in South Carolina Code of Laws §56-1-720. Some of the point penalties associated with common traffic offenses are listed below, although it should be noted that this list is not comprehensive:

  • Driving up to 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit – two points
  • Driving 10 to 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit – three points
  • Reckless driving (more than 25 miles per hour over the limit) – six points
  • Tailgating another vehicle – four points
  • Making an illegal turn – four points
  • Failure to yield – four points
  • Hit and run resulting only in property damage – six points

Anyone who accrues 12 or more points is subject to immediate license suspension.  As needed, a nearby traffic attorney could help mitigate the risk of having additional points added to a defendant’s license or provide guidance on how to get points removed and/or restore a suspended license.

When Is Fighting a Traffic Ticket Worthwhile?

Anyone at risk of a license suspension due to points from prior traffic convictions has reason to contest any subsequent traffic ticket(s) they receive.  However, even individuals with completely clean driving records may want to consider appearing in court to demand a hearing over a traffic offense under certain circumstances.

Even a minor traffic ticket punishable by no more than a one-time fine upon conviction in court could lead to significantly increased car insurance rates, so contesting traffic tickets can sometimes be a cost-saving measure in the long run.  Furthermore, convictions for certain offenses like DUI or hit-and-run after a crash resulting in an injury may lead to jail or prison time even for a first offense.  A traffic lawyer in South Carolina could clarify what course of action might be best for a particular individual during a private consultation.

A South Carolina Traffic Attorney May Be Able to Help

Declaring in court that you want a trial is only the first step of many in the process of fighting a traffic offense, and any misstep along the way could have expensive consequences for you.  Retaining professional help with your case may help you successfully mitigate potential penalties and even sometimes get your ticket dropped altogether.

A conversation with a South Carolina traffic lawyer could clarify your legal options and highlight the best one for your unique situation.  Call today to learn more.

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