Rockville Mediation Lawyer

The difficulty of litigating a divorce is no secret to most people. While contentious divorces are especially challenging, even straightforward cases can be costly in both time and money. For those reasons, many divorcing couples are turning to mediation to resolve their property division and marital issues following separation.

When you work with a seasoned divorce lawyer, they can assist you far beyond simply aiding in the divorce process. Your attorney can also assist you during mediation should you choose that route.

It is important to select the right legal counsel for the mediation process, however. Not all attorneys are experienced in taking on this form of alternative dispute resolution. A skilled Rockville mediation lawyer could assist you in determining if mediation is the best option for you and your family and assist you through the mediation process.

What Issues Can Be Resolved Through Mediation?

Mediation could cover the vast majority of conflicts during a divorce. This includes the important decisions regarding any children the divorcing couple might have together. A Rockville mediation attorney could help the parties settle their differences regarding both legal and residential custody. Additionally, mediation could also settle matters of child support, educational costs, and medical insurance needs.

Mediation also frequently resolves property division issues. This can include resolving conflicts over major assets like homes or businesses. However, it can also resolve disputes over keepsakes and sentimental items like photo albums or antiques.

A skilled mediation attorney could also assist a party in settling his/her marital debt responsibilities. This could include anything from dividing credit card debt among the parties to determining how the children’s tax deductions will be applied.

Advantages of Mediation

There are many advantages to using mediation as opposed to traditional divorce litigation. These advantages include:


In many cases, the cost of a divorce in both time and money far exceeds that of mediation. Litigation can draw on for months or even years, which only drains the assets of both parties. Mediation frequently resolves these disagreements in short order, allowing both parties to avoid the cost of a lengthy divorce.


For most people, their divorce case will occur in a public courtroom where prying eyes can absorb all the details. The same is not true for mediation. This process allows for confidentiality, which can protect the livelihood and reputation of all parties involved. It also allows both parties to speak freely without fear that what they say can be used against them in a court of law.


The adversarial nature of a lawsuit has the tendency to increase tensions among the parties. This tension can boil over during litigation, pushing two people that were relatively close to resolving their divorce farther apart.

Instead, mediation breeds cooperation between the two parties. It helps them find common ground, which can, in turn, increase the chances of an agreement on how to resolve the divorce.

The setting for most mediations is typically less stressful than a courtroom. Instead of a large room in the courthouse buzzing with other people, mediation occurs one-on-one in a more comfortable setting.

Contact a Rockville Mediation Attorney as Soon as Possible

If you are concerned about the prospect of a drawn-out, public divorce, mediation might be right for you. This process can avoid the financial strain of a divorce in many cases.

A successful mediation could resolve your divorce much faster than a lawsuit in many cases. Contact a Rockville mediation lawyer to learn more.