Herndon Car Accident Lawyer

As the most common and most dangerous source of personal injuries in Virginia by far, car accidents account for a lot of the civil litigation that courts in Old Dominion see each year. Despite that, though, every civil claim based on injuries sustained in an auto accident is unique, and they all have quirks and kinks that could lead to a plaintiff without legal representation missing out on invaluable compensation.

By retaining a seasoned Herndon car accident lawyer as soon as possible after your wreck, you could put yourself on the front foot for every stage of whatever legal action you pursue. Whether you need to recover for vehicle repair costs and a few medical bills or for life-altering repercussions of a permanent disability or disfigurement, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney could be the ally you need to efficiently seek a positive case resolution.

Proving Someone Else at Fault for a Car Crash

Whenever a licensed driver starts up a motor vehicle and drives it on public streets, they assume an implicit “duty” under the law to follow relevant traffic regulations, pay attention to other people and potential hazards around them, and in all other ways act reasonably behind the wheel. Any action that runs contrary to this duty—from ignoring a stop sign to driving while intoxicated to simply losing concentration for a few seconds—could constitute a “breach” of this duty, and a breach that directly leads to someone else getting hurt qualifies as “negligence.”

Demonstrating negligence by one or more parties involved in an auto wreck is generally the centerpiece of any successful personal injury lawsuit following that incident. Depending on the circumstances, this may be as simple as checking the police report filed at the scene for citations against other drivers, or it may involve collecting evidence from a multitude of sources in order to paint a comprehensive picture of civil liability.

Either way, guidance from a Herndon car accident attorney could be key to building a strong case for compensation after any kind of car wreck ending in injury. Legal counsel could also play an important role in filing that case before the applicable statutory filing deadline, which Code of Virginia §8.01-243 sets at two years after an accident occurs in most situations.

Avoiding Accusations of Contributory Negligence

One unique element of car accident litigation in Virginia that can have devastating implications for a plaintiff’s odds of recovery is the “pure contributory negligence” rule that state courts follow. Most other states have updated “comparative fault” systems that allow plaintiffs who are partially to blame for their own damages to recover at least some compensation through a successful settlement or lawsuit.

Virginia, on the other hand, still adheres to a much older legal precedent that bars plaintiffs from recovery entirely if they bear even one percent of the total fault for their accident and/or subsequent injuries. A car wreck lawyer in Herndon could explain this system in more detail during a confidential consultation and, once retained, work tenaciously to ensure it does not unfairly inhibit an accident victim’s pursuit of fair restitution.

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Car crashes can be scary to experience and even scarier to deal with after the fact, thanks to the number of new expenses, physical limitations, and personal losses they can cause. Fortunately, help is available from knowledgeable legal professionals who have helped people like you seek the recovery they deserve many times before.

A conversation with a Herndon car accident lawyer could clarify your legal options and put you on track for the best possible case result. Schedule your initial meeting by calling today.