Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Prince George’s County

Motorcycle manufacturers sometimes produce machines with defective parts. When the manufacturers become aware of the problem, they have a duty to fix the issue. In some cases, they recall the machine. In others, they notify the bike owners to bring the machine in for service. The manufacturer pays the service provider to replace the defective part or correct the problem.

If an owner is unaware of motorcycle defects and recalls in Prince George’s County, they could risk an accident. Contact a local motorcycle wreck attorney when a defect was a factor in your wreck.

Notification of Defects and Recalls

Manufacturers must publicly announce any recalls or defective parts. They typically post the information on their website and report it to the media. Dealers in Prince George’s County that sold the affected motorcycles notify their customers of a defect or recall. Usually, the notification includes instructions on arranging for the dealer to correct the problem.

If a biker purchased their motorcycle privately, they might not get a notification unless they have registered the bike in their name. Once they do so, the manufacturer can access the owner’s address and notify them directly of any defects or recalls. An owner also could use the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s search tool to learn if there are active notices concerning their motorcycle.

Get the Suggested Service Immediately

A person sometimes receives notices of defective parts or recalls but does nothing. Most individuals are busy, and taking a motorcycle in for service can disrupt their normal schedule. Even though service related to a recall or defect is usually free, there could be an expense involved if the service appointment requires the owner to miss work.

However, an owner has an obligation to maintain their bike and ensure they are safe to drive. Failing to respond to a notice of recall or defect could be evidence of negligence. If the motorcycle gets into an accident in Prince George’s County, the court can deny the owner a claim for damages due to their negligent failure to respond to a notice of recall or defect.

When an owner receives a notice of a problem with their machine, they should make an appointment for service as quickly as possible. Doing so protects the owner from liability and ensures the motorcycle is safe.

Manufacturer Could Be Liable in an Accident

Manufacturers might not recognize a problem with their machines until they receive multiple accident reports. Even then, recalls and parts replacements are expensive for manufacturers. They might delay acknowledging or fixing the issue.

When a motorcycle accident happens and a defective part contributes to the crash, the manufacturer is liable. An attorney in Prince George’s County can sue the bike manufacturer for an injured person’s damages after a defect caused harm.

Damages can include medical expenses, lost income, and property damage. An injured person also can seek compensation for their physical pain, mental suffering, and other non-economic impacts from the crash.

Contact an Attorney if Motorcycle Defects and Recalls Contributed to a Crash

Motorcycle defects and recalls in Prince George’s County are more common than expected. Make sure you are aware if one affects your bike. As a motorcycle owner, you must keep your bike in good repair and respond promptly to any safety or recall notices from the dealer or manufacturer.

However, when you believe a defective component played a role in a crash and never received a notice, consult a local attorney about your legal options. In many cases, you can hold the manufacturer liable for your injuries. Call today to discuss your legal options.