Maryland Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Under certain circumstances, it will be necessary to modify the child custody agreement between you and the other parent of your child. Modifications are done for a variety of reasons, and occasionally, you may have more than one. Requesting a child custody change is serious, and you will need to provide proof that it is warranted under state law.

If you would like to modify your current custody order or agreement, we can assist you. A dedicated child custody attorney can provide you with the legal knowledge you need to successfully change your agreement or court order. Call a Maryland child custody modification lawyer today to learn more.

Determining Who Gets Custody of a Child

There are several different types of custody in the state. The first type, legal custody, is defined as the right to make major decisions on behalf of a child. Joint legal custody is a type of custody in which both parents must make decisions together. The second type of custody, physical custody, is when a parent has physical custody of the child. In other words, the parent and child spend overnights together in the same home. Depending on the best interest of a child, the judge will decide who gets what type of custody.

Occasionally, joint legal custody is not always in the best interest of a child. To get joint legal custody, both parents must be willing to communicate with each other in a civil fashion. Sometimes, it is in the best interest of a child to award one parent sole legal custody or joint legal custody with tie-breaking authority. If a person is awarded sole legal custody, they will be responsible for making major decisions on behalf of the child.

Physical Custody

If one parent is unable to provide their child with a stable home, the judge may award primary physical custody to the parent who can. For example, if a parent is financially or emotionally unable to care for their child, the other parent may be more suited to have primary physical custody. Sole physical custody is generally awarded in cases where one parent is not fit to act as a parent, and this is rare.

It is often ideal for both parents to establish a custody arrangement outside of court. The parents should strive to arrive at a civil mutual decision in the best interest of their children during child custody modification cases, which can be done with the help of a dedicated lawyer in Maryland.

When to Request a Modification

There are numerous reasons to request a child custody modification. Some of these reasons include:

  • The child is no longer doing well in the care of the custodial parent.
  • One or both of the parents are moving to a different location.
  • One parent repeatedly ignores the agreed-upon custody arrangement.
  • A parent dies, becomes disabled, or becomes seriously ill.
  • One or both parents wish to rearrange the custody agreement.

If a parent suspects the other parent of their child of abusing or neglecting their child, and they can provide proof, they will more than likely be awarded sole physical custody. An experienced lawyer can help Maryland parents modify their existing custody arrangement in a more efficient and effective manner.

Schedule a Consultation With a Maryland Child Custody Modification Attorney

If you are considering altering your current child custody arrangement, you may weigh your options and be prepared. The court will want to know why you want to change your arrangement, and if you are not able to prove a material change of circumstances affecting the best interest of the child, the court will not modify your court order. By working with our firm, you can increase your chances of a successful modification request.  Schedule a consultation with a Maryland child custody modification lawyer today.