Staunton Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting hurt under any circumstances can bring all manner of inconveniences and expenses along with it, from prohibitively expensive medical bills to missed personal opportunities to lasting psychological trauma. When a serious injury only occurs because of another person’s misconduct, though, you can often add to that list immense frustration over how preventable the accident in question could have been if everyone involved acted responsibly.

While consternation may not be grounds by itself for a civil lawsuit, you could potentially recover compensation for various other losses after this kind of incident with a seasoned attorney’s help. By working with a Staunton personal injury lawyer who has experience fighting on behalf of people just like you, you could proactively pursue the restitution you need and boost your chances of a favorable result to your case.

Recoverable Damages through Civil Litigation

Put as simply as possible, personal injury litigation is meant to place financial responsibility for the consequences of an accident on the party who actually caused that accident, and to allow injured parties to return to their pre-accident state as much as possible in the process. In practice, this means that successful “plaintiffs” in personal injury cases may hold negligent “defendants” liable for every form of harm they can trace directly to the negligence in question.

Importantly, personal injury damages do not have to be objective or quantitative in order to be “compensable” through a lawsuit or settlement demand. In addition to paying for past and future medical expenses, replacing damaged property, and offering reimbursement for lost work income, negligent individuals may also bear financial liability for non-economic damages as well, including physical suffering, emotional trauma, lost enjoyment of life, and even lost consortium with a spouse.

In rare cases, defendants who engaged in egregious negligence or willful malicious conduct may be compelled to pay punitive damages expressly as a punishment for their behavior. As a Staunton personal injury attorney could affirm, though, Code of Virginia §8.01-38.1 prohibits civil judges and juries from imposing more than $350,000 in total punitive damages during an individual case.

What Could Hinder Efforts at Recovery?

Even if an accident victim has compelling evidence that someone else is to blame for their injuries, they still must take action within a prescribed amount of time if they want to preserve their right to civil recovery. Under VA Code §8.01-243, prospective plaintiffs generally have two years at most after discovering that negligence caused their injuries in which to start pursuing personal injury litigation, with only limited exceptions under very specific circumstances.

Even more important for personal injury victims to understand is the “pure contributory negligence” system that civil courts in Virginia follow, under which no plaintiff who bears partial fault for causing or exacerbating their own injuries can recover any compensation whatsoever for ensuing damages. Assistance from a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Staunton may be essential to contesting accusations of contributory fault effectively.

A Staunton Personal Injury Attorney Could Help

Personal injury litigation can be a very useful way to ensure you do not bear the costs of someone else’s irresponsible actions, but it can also be very challenging to pursue by yourself. Insurance companies and defense attorneys know every trick when it comes to manipulating personal injury litigation in their own favor, and they are all too willing to use them on injured parties without legal representation.

The best way to protect your best interests in this situation is almost always to have a tenacious legal advocate on your side. Call today to learn how retaining a Staunton personal injury lawyer could benefit you.