Carroll County Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured in an accident caused by someone else, you should not be made to pay for the other party’s negligence. You have the right to hold the responsible party accountable for your losses, whether they are from a car accident, medical malpractice, slip and fall, workplace accident, or other type of personal injury.

If you have suffered injuries due to someone else’s recklessness or carelessness, do not wait to reach out to a skilled attorney. An experienced Carroll County personal injury lawyer could help you identify the at-fault party and pursue compensation for your losses.

Establishing Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

Proving that the defendant was negligent in their actions is one of the most important aspects of a personal injury lawsuit. Negligence occurs when a person violates the standard of reasonable care, and that violation results in harm to another. When injuries occur because of someone’s negligence, the at-fault party could be liable for the injured party’s losses.

Under state law, certain elements of negligence must be proven, the first being the duty of care. This is a duty to act as a reasonable person would under the circumstances. The second element of negligence is a breach of the duty of care. The third is factual causation and proximate causation, meaning the breach of duty was the direct and legal cause of the accident. The fourth is establishing your damages. A well-versed Carroll County attorney could explain the elements of negligence in more detail to an injured party pursuing a claim.

Types of Available Damages

When an individual suffers injuries due to someone else’s actions, the at-fault party can be held financially accountable for their losses. Types of damages that could be covered in a personal injury suit include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical bills
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Lost income or earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damages for wrongful death

A seasoned local attorney could use medical records, witness and expert testimonies, pay stubs, and other evidence to establish the extent of an individual’s losses in a personal injury case.

The Burden of Proof in Carroll County

In a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff and their attorney must prove the allegations “by a preponderance of the evidence.” This standard means there is enough evidence to convince the jury that the facts demonstrated by the plaintiff are more likely than not to be true. In other words, if the jury is at least fifty-one percent convinced that the defendant negligently caused the plaintiff’s damages, this is sufficient to find the defendant liable.

This is a significantly lower burden of proof than in criminal cases, which utilize a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard. An experienced personal injury attorney could use relevant evidence to establish that the defendant was negligent in causing the plaintiff’s injuries.

Discuss Your Case with a Carroll County Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one are facing injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve fair compensation. Time limits exist in which to file your claim, so reaching out to a skilled attorney as soon as possible is critical.

A Carroll County personal injury lawyer could help you build a strong claim and hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions. Reach out today to discuss your case with a dedicated legal professional.