Virginia ATV Rollover Accident Lawyer

Riding an ATV is an exhilarating pastime, but those who grow up operating them understand and can minimize the risks involved. Most ATV riders are safety-oriented, and the chances of an accident occurring are very low. However, when an inexperienced or reckless person operates an ATV, they can roll over and cause injury to themselves or others.

If you were a passenger in an ATV rollover accident, get in touch with a professional attorney. ATV accidents can be devastating both physically and financially, and taking legal action may be your only choice in seeking reimbursement for medical bills. Get in touch with a Virginia ATV rollover accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options for recovery.

Preventing Rollover Accidents

Before operating an ATV, riders should take certain measures to ensure their vehicles do not flip over. If they do not follow important safety measures, they could be held liable if they cause an accident, especially if the accident results in the death of another person. Before and during operation, ATV riders should:

  • Only carry the recommended number of passengers
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Always wear protective gear and require passengers to do the same
  • Follow state and local regulations governing ATV use
  • Never allow young children to operate the ATV

ATVs are typically safe as long as they are operated properly. By following commonsense measures and making reasonable decisions, ATV riders can avoid severe injuries and potential lawsuits.

ATV Accident Injuries

ATV accident injuries are often caused by the rolling or flipping of the vehicle, which has a relatively high center of gravity. Passengers can be thrown from the ATV, and in some cases pinned down by the vehicle.

ATV injuries can be extremely expensive to treat and often require life-long therapy and rehabilitation. Broken bones, burns, head trauma, spinal cord damage, and other serious consequences can result from ATV accidents, including death. In addition to physical pain, survivors can also experience extreme mental and emotional trauma.

Since children and preteens often lack the cognitive abilities, physical strength, and motor skills to operate an ATV safely, their injuries may be more severe if they are involved in accidents. Children are more likely to suffer head injuries in accidents than adults and should not be allowed to operate ATVs.

Operating an ATV Under the Influence

Riders can be ticketed for operating an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officers can even arrest ATV riders and operators on private property due to the hazard intoxicated drivers pose to others. Penalties for DUIs vary from state to state, but they can be harsh in Virginia, especially if a rider already has previous convictions on their record.

If a person is injured in an ATV DUI accident, they may be able to sue for damages. The more severe their injuries are, the more compensation they may be entitled to. An experienced lawyer in the NoVa area can help survivors seek compensation even if the defendant did not face criminal charges for the ATV accident they caused.

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No one should be forced to pay for their own injuries when they were not responsible for the accident that caused them. If you were injured by an ATV rollover, seeking justice and compensation for your accident may be a gratifying step in your recovery process.

Contact a skilled Virginia ATV rollover accident lawyer today to discuss your entitlement to compensation.