Emporia Truck Accident Lawyer

Crashes between large commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers and much smaller passenger cars can have devastating consequences, resulting in life-threatening or fatal injuries. This is largely due to the extreme differences in a commercial truck’s height and weight compared to that of a standard car or SUV. Because of these potential hazards, truckers and the companies they work for must ensure compliance with safety rules and regulations to keep everyone on the road safe.

Civil laws could entitle injured motorists to collect compensation from the party at fault when a trucker violates these laws and causes a wreck. Schedule an appointment with an Emporia truck accident lawyer for more information. Our dedicated team of personal injury attorneys is here to help you understand and protect your legal rights and options after a collision.

The Most Common Types of Truck Crashes

Maintaining control of large commercial trucks is challenging in the best circumstances, and even a minor error or hazardous condition can quickly turn catastrophic. Some of the common types of commercial truck crashes include the following:

Jackknife Tractor Trailer Collision

Jackknife tractor-trailer collisions may occur if the driver swerves or tries to stop too quickly. The truck’s trailer swings around, forming a 90-degree angle, and everything in the immediate area could sustain severe damage.

Rollover Truck Accidents

Federal and state statutes regulate the maximum allowable weight for trucks because their high center of gravity makes rolling over more likely. Rollover truck accidents are among the most common causes of commercial vehicle fatalities.

Underride Commercial Truck Collisions

When other vehicles collide with semis or 18-wheelers, they may slide under the cab or trailer of the truck. Severe damage often occurs, and underride truck collisions are often catastrophic for the occupants in the passenger car.

Blind Spot Truck Crashes

All cars have blind spots that motorists must be aware of and check carefully before switching lanes or making other maneuvers. The substantial size of commercial trucks gives them much larger areas where they cannot see other cars.

An Emporia truck accident attorney could help gather the evidence to determine the cause of a wreck and establish who is at fault.

Virginia Truck Driver Hours of Service Regulation

Commercial truck driver fatigue is a significant cause of collisions countrywide, and state and federal laws strictly regulate maximum service hours to reduce them. Any time the truck driver is in the vehicle and behind the wheel, they must record the hours as driving time. According to the Virginia Administrative Code § 395.3, drivers must adhere to continuous driving restrictions and keep a driving log to establish compliance. Restrictions include:

  • They cannot drive more than 12 total hours after remaining off-duty for at least ten consecutive hours
  • After ten consecutive hours off-duty, truckers may operate the vehicle for a maximum of 12 hours in one shift
  • They may not drive after being on the clock completing any duties for 16 hours without ten consecutive hours off-duty
  • The maximum time truck drivers may operate a vehicle in one seven-day workweek is 70 hours, and 80 hours for an eight-day workweek

Studies show that trucker fatigue impairs judgment and reduces reaction time substantially. A commercial vehicle collision attorney in Emporia could investigate to verify compliance with truck industry rules and regulations.

Call an Emporia Truck Accident Attorney for Legal Guidance

Federal and state laws strictly regulate commercial vehicles to reduce crashes and avoid highway fatalities. When drivers or the companies that employ them are negligent, they can face severe penalties, and the civil court will hold them financially accountable for ensuing damages.

A seasoned Emporia truck accident lawyer could investigate and gather evidence to help you prepare a civil claim to recover damages and losses successfully after sustaining injuries in a wreck. Call today to begin preparing your case.