Maryland Occupational Drivers’ License Defense Lawyer

If you drive for a living, your employer might require you to maintain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). These licenses, also known as an occupational drivers’ license, allow you to drive certain large commercial vehicles. In many cases, the loss of your license would result in the loss of your job.

The requirements for maintaining a CDL are significant. Not only does this form of occupational license require specialized training, but licensees must also have a clean driving record. A driver that is ticketed for a moving violation or vehicle-related offense could consequently lose the CDL and their status as a professional.

A dedicated professional license defense attorney could help you protect your professional reputation. In many cases, the guidance from a Maryland occupational drivers’ license defense lawyer could help you avoid conviction entirely.

Does Driving Under the Influence Result in a CDL Revocation?

One of the charges that could have a devastating impact on an occupational driver’s license and career is driving under the influence (DUI). A conviction for a first-offense DUI might cost an occupational driver their right to operate a commercial vehicle for up to a year. A second conviction generally leads to the permanent revocation of a commercial license. Many employers will fire a driver immediately after a conviction. The good news is that DUI charges might be defended in cases if an experienced criminal defense attorney is involved at an early enough stage.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Accidents happen every day, and when these accidents involve a commercial driver, they could result in immediate termination. Given what is at stake, some commercial drivers might feel compelled to leave the scene of a crash. This action could compound the problems a driver faces because a conviction for leaving the scene could result in the suspension of commercial driving privileges.


Driving at unsafe speeds is unlawful, regardless of the type of vehicle a person is driving. Speeding in a large commercial vehicle could greatly increase the risk of devastating accidents over a traditional passenger vehicle, and the damages caused by a crash could be even more severe. Even a speeding ticket could be enough to cost a driver their job.

For non-CDL drivers, simply paying a ticket and moving on with life might be commonplace. However, this could be extremely problematic for a commercial driver. Paying a ticket is treated as an admission of guilt, and will result in points going on the driver’s license or even seeing their license revoked or suspended.

How Do Hours of Service Restrictions Affect a CDL in Maryland?

There are other violations that might jeopardize a driver’s CDL besides moving violations. One of the most common non-moving violations involves the hours of service rules. Commercial drivers are limited to the amount of time they might spend driving during a day or a week. These rules are designed to limit fatigue, and any failure to comply with them could result in suspended CDL privileges. A local occupational drivers’ license attorney could help a driver demonstrate full compliance with driving time requirements.

Make the Call to a Maryland Occupational Drivers’ License Defense Attorney Today

As an occupational driver, your livelihood depends on your ability to legally operate a commercial vehicle. Any traffic ticket or criminal charge that puts your license at risk, substantially complicating your life. If you are at risk of losing your CDL due to an alleged violation, do not take on the state by yourself. Call a Maryland occupational drivers’ license attorney right away to discuss your options and take the necessary steps to protect your livelihood.