Maryland Dental License Defense Lawyer

You studied hard and worked for years to become Dentist. You passed your exams and built a practice you can be proud of. Now, all that hard work is in jeopardy as you face a disciplinary action before the Board. Whether the issue has merit or not, you are still looking at serious penalties that could end your practice.

Consider hiring a Maryland dental license defense lawyer to represent you during this challenging time. With years of experience handling similar matters, a professional license defense attorney could greatly improve your chances of successfully defending yourself and your practice.

Maryland Dental Discipline Basics

The Board of Dentistry has general authority to regulate the practice in Maryland. There are a variety of prohibited actions that can land a dentist in hot water. Some of the more common actions the Board disapproves of include:

  • Providing professional services while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  • Practicing dentistry incompetently or grossly incompetently.
  • Permits an unauthorized person to practice dentistry.
  • Violates any rule or regulation adopted by the Board.
  • Convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude (meaning dishonesty).

Violating any of these or other rules could begin the disciplinary process. The disciplinary process should not be taken lightly. Penalties can be as mild as a written warning or paying a fine or as severe as license suspension or revocation.

Investigation Process

Disciplinary proceedings begin either of the Board’s own initiative or upon the receipt of a written complaint. Complaints must be in writing but can be submitted by anyone familiar with the matter such as a patient. If the complaint alleges a violation of any of the rules or duties, it then investigates the matter.


Before the Board takes any action, you are entitled to a hearing before the Board. You also have the right to counsel before the Board. Hearings are similar to trials in that the Board can take testimony from witnesses and subpoena evidence as necessary. The Board would then issue its decision in writing following the hearing. However, often there are opportunities to resolve complaints in advance if an agreement can be reached between the licensee and the board.

Options Following an Adverse Decision

Following an adverse decision by the Board, you have essentially one option for review. You may file with a judicial court to review the decision, pursuant with the Administrative Procedure Act of Maryland (APA). The APA provides for additional legal protections and procedures before the state judiciary. Should the judicial court find in your favor, the APA provides the judicial court with the power to reverse the Board on its decision. The judicial court can also stay enforcement while it reviews the Board’s decision.

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Hiring a Maryland dental license defense lawyer increases your chances of successfully defending yourself and, therefore, continuing to practice dentistry. With your license on the line, give yourself the best chances of a positive outcome by contacting a local defense lawyer today.