Fairfax Emergency Room Error Lawyer

Countless people visit emergency rooms daily. When there is a sudden rush of patients, things may get chaotic in the hospital which could potentially lead to mistakes by the staff.

Medical professionals are legally obligated to provide each patient with adequate care, even when overwhelmed. If they fail to meet the necessary minimum standard, there could be cause for legal action, allowing you to hold the provider financially responsible for your damages and losses. A Fairfax emergency room error lawyer could help you recover proper compensation for your damages. Call our experienced medical malpractice attorneys today for a free case evaluation.

Common Emergency Room Mistakes

When accidents happen that result in bodily harm, people head to emergency rooms first for treatment. The hospitals are often busy and fast-paced, leaving medical professionals and other staff feeling significant stress as they try to keep up. Some examples of mistakes that may occur include:

  • Failure to adequately monitor the patient
  • Prescribing the incorrect medication or dosage
  • Mistaken interpretation of lab and other testing results
  • Premature discharge without completing adequate testing
  • Neglecting to order the necessary diagnostic tests to make an accurate diagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose a life-threatening condition, allowing it to become terminal or cause death

Doctors and medical professionals working in emergency rooms are responsible for administering the necessary treatments to stabilize patients. Even when there is a high volume of patients, they must make the appropriate decisions regarding each individual’s medical care. A Fairfax emergency room error attorney could investigate to determine the cause of injuries and help prepare the lawsuit by gathering the essential evidence to prove liability.

Recoverable Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases

Recoverable damages will depend on the provider’s actions, the severity of the injuries, and how they will continue to affect the individual in the future. The court may award compensation for medical care, ongoing treatment, lost pay, psychological injuries, and pain and suffering.

What is the Time Limit for Seeking Legal Action?

The state civil court statute of limitations dictates when people seek action after suffering injuries because of negligence. Per the instruction of the Code of Virginia § 8.01-243, the claimant generally must petition the civil court within two years of the date the injuries occurred due to medical malpractice.

There are specific exceptions to the statutory rule, such as those still receiving treatment for the injuries resulting from malpractice. A knowledgeable emergency room error lawyer in Fairfax could review the applicable statutes and may be able to answer questions during the consultation.

The Burden of Proof

In emergency room lawsuits, the plaintiff has the burden of proof to establish liability and collect damages successfully. That means proving there was a patient and doctor relationship and the defendant failed to provide the standard of health care required by law.

Expert Witness Requirement

There is an expert witness requirement for medical malpractice lawsuits. The court requires testimony from qualified healthcare providers practicing in the same medical field to agree the medical professional breached their duty to provide adequate care.

Call a Skilled Emergency Room Error Attorney in Fairfax Today

You have the right to seek legal action if you went to an ER for medical care and suffered injuries due to a medical professional’s negligence. While there may be cause for action, the cases are complex.

A hard-working and experienced Fairfax emergency room error lawyer could help you through the process and provide legal advice to help you reach a favorable outcome. Call today to schedule a case evaluation if you or a loved one has visited an emergency room and suffered harm at the hands of a medical professional.