Concurrent Washington DC Criminal Investigations and Title IX

Students may be unaware, but Title IX is a federal law that protects them against discrimination while attending university. Sometimes a school may pursue Title IX actions against you at the same time as the government seeks a criminal case.

This means that some activities may fall under Title IX and the criminal laws of Washington DC. Because you are facing attacks from two fronts, you may wish to seek the advice of a knowledgeable Title IX attorney.

If the government convicts you of a crime, the court may order that you go to jail and pay hefty fines. The school could use a criminal conviction as evidence of guilt in a related Title IX action. The legal standard of proof is lower in a civil lawsuit than in a criminal act. Make you are adequately protected from a concurrent Washington DC criminal investigation and Title IX.

Title IX and Related Criminal Laws in DC

Title IX is a federal rule that is meant to protect students from gender discrimination. The government guarantees that students should be able to enjoy all the benefits a school has to offer, from equal access to classrooms, education and sports activities. If a university receives federal funding, that university must ensure that all students receive the treatment promised by Title IX.

Often, if a student complains that another student violated their Title IX rights, the accused actor may have also allegedly committed a crime. This means that the government and the university may pursue legal recourse against the same person for the same actions.

The end result is potentially two punishments for the same act. On top of criminal sanctions, the school may also issue sanctions against a student, such as expulsion, negative record and loss of scholarships.

Types of Concurrent Criminal Investigations and Title IX Acts

The government may pursue conviction of any alleged criminal act. However, some common acts that may also include a Title IX claim are:

  • Rape
  • Stalking
  • Sexual assault
  • Harassment

The commission of these acts could affect a student’s experience at university, which may trigger that student’s Title IX rights. If the school does not protect the student’s Title IX rights, the student may be able to sue the school.

Penalties Related to Criminal Investigations and Title IX Claims

The criminal penalties depend on what a court convicted a defendant of doing. For example, a first-degree sexual assault charge may carry a thirty-year sentence, as noted in D.C. Code §22-3002.

If the school holds a hearing related to a Title IX claim, the school may remove the student from the university, suspend the student, ask the student to leave school housing, revoke any awarded scholarships and not allow a student to continue studying a particular field of study. These penalties will vary depending on the alleged act.

Find Out More About Concurrent DC Criminal Investigations and Title IX

If you are facing concurrent Washington DC criminal investigations and Title IX claims, you may wish to speak with an attorney. You may need to develop a plan of defense for the criminal proceeding as well as one for the school disciplinary board. Your education and your freedom may be at risk.

You may find it helpful to sit down with a knowledgeable and aggressive defense lawyer to learn more about what you are facing and how you may be able to defend yourself.