Criminal Proceedings vs Washington DC Campus Title IX Proceedings

Title IX explicitly prohibits sex-based discrimination and sexual violence and harassment at schools and educational programs receiving federal funding. Title IX violations and offenses could result in a criminal or campus investigation and proceedings, or both. There are differences in criminal proceedings vs. Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings.

A primary difference between the two types of proceedings pertains to the burden of proof for establishing guilt. The burden of proof of guilt is higher in criminal proceedings and guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, whereas generally only a preponderance of the evidence is required in Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings. A seasoned title IX lawyer could help individuals facing criminal or Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings.

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972

Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex. The law applies to educational institutions or educational programs and activities that receive federal funding. Therefore, individuals cannot be denied school admission or program participation based on sex.

Interpretation of Title IX law ultimately expanded to specifically prohibit sexual violence, harassment, and misconduct. Consequently, schools are now required to investigate all allegations of Title IX violations pertaining to sexual misconduct, including sexual violence and harassment. School investigations are undertaken whether or not a criminal investigation ever ensues.

DC Campus Title IX Proceedings

Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings can vary between schools, but the purpose of such proceedings is the same. Title IX proceedings are carried out on Washington DC campuses to investigate and determine the validity of allegations of Title IX violations. Individuals determined to be guilty of a Title IX violations could face disciplinary action from their Washington DC school.

Some common elements of Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings include a review of the alleged violation(s) and presentation of available evidence of the violation, as well as of the alleged guilty party. For Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings involving student misconduct, accused students are generally given an opportunity to respond to the allegations either in person or in writing as part of the proceedings.

Washington DC campuses have a lesser burden of proof than is associated with criminal proceedings so a student potentially could be found guilty of a Title IX violation more easily in a campus proceeding. Students determined to be guilty could possibly face the loss of campus housing, suspension from school and school-related activities, or even expulsion. Many students find it beneficial to consult with a student defense lawyer who handles Title IX cases when facing campus proceedings.

Criminal Title IX Proceedings

Students accused of Title IX violations, such as sexual violence or harassment, could face a criminal investigation on top of Washington DC campus proceedings. Campus employees could also face criminal proceedings for Title IX violations. When it comes to criminal proceedings vs Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings, criminal proceedings tend to be more severe.

Criminal Title IX proceedings could include a criminal investigation, arrest, detention, arraignment, formal criminal charges, and a trial. If the case goes to trial, the burden of proof is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which is more stringent than the burden of proof for Washington DC campus proceedings. Individuals found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt could face various legal penalties, including probation, fines, mandatory participation in a treatment program, and incarceration.

It is advisable for individuals facing criminal proceedings for Title IX offenses to seek legal guidance and retain an attorney who handles Title IX cases. A Title IX lawyer could protect an accused individual’s legal rights and help that person fight for the best outcome possible in any criminal proceedings.

Talk to an Attorney About DC Campus vs. Criminal Title IX Proceedings

Facing criminal proceedings vs. Washington DC campus Title IX proceedings are both serious situations that could result in a wide range of potential consequences. Fortunately, legal help is available for anyone facing criminal or campus Title proceedings.

Do not try fighting criminal or campus Title IX proceedings on your own. Contact a lawyer for assistance dealing with the Washington DC campus or criminal Title IX proceedings.