Sexual Violence and Harassment in Washington DC Schools

Accusations of sexual violence and harassment are sometimes made on campus at Washington DC schools, including colleges and universities. It can be incredibly overwhelming to be not the receiving end of such serious allegations. If you are facing such allegations, a lawyer for sexual violence and harassment in Washington DC schools could provide critical legal assistance.

Washington DC schools each have their own internal procedures for investigating allegations of sexual violence and harassment. You could be better prepared to respond to sexual misconduct allegations when you retain a seasoned Title IX lawyer who handles sexual violence and harassment cases.

DC Schools and Title IX

Title IX can be found within the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and is a federal law prohibiting sex-based discrimination at any federally funded school, college, or university that receives federal funds, as well as within any education activity or program that is partially or fully funded by the federal government.

Title IX also extends to acts of sexual violence and misconduct. Under Title IX, Washington DC schools and educational programs that receive federal funds must investigate any allegations of sexual violence or harassment.

Harassment at DC Colleges and Universities

Harassment at Washington DC colleges and universities can occur in many forms and includes sexual harassment, as well as harassment based on a person’s sex or sexuality. Title IX defines sexual harassment as any form of sexual conduct that is unwelcome. Examples include unwanted sexual advances, requesting sexual favors, stalking, cyberstalking, voyeurism, and exhibitionism.

Harassing someone verbally, nonverbally, or physically based on that person being either male or female is sex-based harassment. Such harassment does not necessarily involve sexual conduct but is often based on stereotypes associated with males or females. Sex-based harassment at Washington DC schools is prohibited under Title IX.

Title IX also prohibits harassment based on sexuality, including acts of intimidation. Allegations of any form of harassment at a Washington DC college or university are likely to result in an investigation by the school. A seasoned student defense lawyer for harassment could provide legal guidance for any student under investigation by a Washington DC school for alleged harassment.

Sexual Violence

Title IX also prohibits sexual violence at Washington DC schools and requires colleges and universities to investigate any allegations of sexual violence. Sexual violence refers to any sexual conduct committed against another person’s will or without that person’s consent. Examples of actions constituting sexual violence include:

  • Rape
  • Attempted rape
  • Sexual coercion
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery

The use of alcohol or drugs can impair a person’s ability to give consent and attempting to engage in sexual conduct with an impaired individual could result in allegations of sexual violence. An individual might also be unable to give consent due to a mental, physical, or intellectual disability. A lawyer for sexual violence cases at Washington DC colleges and universities could answer questions about sexual violence under Title IX, as well as provide legal representation and guidance for anyone facing sexual violence allegations at school.

Disciplinary Action at Washington DC Schools

Washington DC schools have internal procedures for reviewing allegations of sexual violence and harassment on their campuses. Students accused of sexual misconduct might be asked to appear before a disciplinary committee. Such committees investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and assess the guilt of accused students.

Students accused of sexual violence or harassment at Washington DC schools might be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations and speak in their own defense. In such cases, a lawyer could help students prepare a response in advance that clearly explains their side of the situation.

Contact a DC Sexual Violence and Harassment Attorney Today

Facing allegations of sexual violence and harassment in Washington DC schools is a frightening experience. Even when completely unfounded, such claims could have negative repercussions on your academic career and professional future.

Fortunately, legal help is available for students facing sexual violence and harassment allegations at a Washington DC school. Contact a sexual violence and harassment lawyer in DC today.