Virginia Wage and Hour Lawyer

All employees have the right to receive their full amount of wages earned for the work they perform. Unfortunately, many employers in Virginia do not follow federal wage and hour laws and effectively cheat employees out of their earnings.

A Virginia wage and hour lawyer could help you address your situation with the appropriate legal remedy. Whether you are being unfairly paid as an independent contractor rather than an employee, or have not been paid for your overtime, an experienced employment law attorney could help recover your money.

Wage Violations

A business owner who underpays or fails to pay a worker could be held liable in a civil claim with the help of a lawyer. Examples of situations where a Virginia wage and hour attorney could help recover missing compensation for employees include:

  • Overtime violations
  • Violations of lunch and break provisions
  • Failure to reimburse certain expenses
  • Improper classification of employees
  • Wage discrimination
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Unpaid hours
  • Time off violations
  • Delays in payment

It is important for employees to understand their rights so they can identify whether they are receiving fair compensation in line with federal employment regulations.

How to Remedy a Wage Violation

Wage and hour violations often involve well-established practices, so it may be necessary to take a firm stand to address the problems. It can be helpful to have records of hours worked over a period of time to compare with wages received and the legal requirements. Keeping track of the supervisor on duty can also prove useful, since illegal practices may be encouraged by certain managers.

An employee’s records can be used by a Virginia attorney to help employees file a wage and hour claim to receive fair compensation for past losses such as unpaid overtime. Filing a claim and bringing misconduct to light could lead to the creation of fair and legal practices for similarly situated employees in the future.

Misclassification of Employees

Whether for convenience or to cut costs, some employers in Virginia improperly classify employees as independent contractors. This prevents workers from receiving benefits such as workers’ compensation coverage, unemployment insurance, and the employer’s portion of payroll taxes.

The laws establish a number of characteristics to determine whether a worker should be compensated as an employee or an independent contractor. A wage and hour lawyer in Virginia could review the circumstances to determine whether a classification should be changed. Wrongfully classified employees could be entitled to damages to make up for lost benefits.

Consult a Knowledgeable Virginia Wage and Hour Attorney

Employers sometimes engage in illegal practices to avoid paying employees all that they are owed. They may neglect to pay employees for break time that should be compensated or require workers to perform various duties before clocking in for a shift. They may change an employee’s schedule and the definition of the “workweek” to avoid paying overtime. These practices are illegal.

When employees call attention to pay violations, they can improve the situation not only for themselves but for others in the workplace. To learn more about what may be possible to achieve in your case, contact a Virginia wage and hour lawyer now for a free consultation.