Rights During a Maryland Title IX Investigation

The outcome of a Title IX investigation at your school could have a tremendous impact on your future. A school’s investigatory body has great power to gather evidence of alleged sexual harassment to require you to provide written or in-person statements. Using this information, a school can act to punish you even if a court declines to do so.

Because of this, it is essential to understand your rights during a Maryland Title IX investigation. This can help you to understand the process itself, to challenge any violations of your rights, and to offer a powerful defense to protect your academic future. Reach out to an accomplished Title IX lawyer today.

A Student’s Rights Concerning the Investigatory Process

The first place where a student may defend themselves during a Title IX investigation is while the investigation is getting its start. All schools that receive any form of federal funding are obligated to create an action plan in case of an alleged Title IX violation. As a result, these plans must establish a published procedure, and any investigation must follow the said procedure.

A student facing a Title IX investigation may state that the school’s investigator has not followed the required procedures. Every school’s processes will vary, but in general, an investigator is required to follow that process. It is vital to understand that process in much the same way that a criminal defendant must understand how the court functions. An attorney could help individuals to analyze their schools’ Title IX investigatory processes and to file objections when the investigations do not follow established procedures.

Rights During the Hearing

Schools are not obligated to follow state laws concerning criminal procedure. Similarly, they do not need to follow the rules of evidence. As a result, students facing Title IX accusations often feel as if the deck is stacked against them. Even so, students do have some rights under most schools’ disciplinary boards.

A student will always have the right to examine the evidence brought against them. This can include written statements provided by alleged victims, any in-person testimony offered by witnesses, and any documentary evidence brought forward by an investigator.

Defendant students may also speak on their own behalf. Indeed, many schools will require a student to answer questions posed by an investigator. This can serve as both an opportunity to tell one’s side of the story and as a dangerous time when an unprepared defendant may ruin their own defense.

Finally, a student always has the right to representation during every portion of the case. While schools’ policies will differ in how much of a role that representative can play during a hearing, a student is always entitled to the advice and guidance that an attorney can provide. An attorney could help students to exercise their rights during a Maryland Title IX investigation.

An Attorney Can Help Explain Your Rights During a Maryland Title IX Investigation

Facing accusations of a Title IX violation can be an intimidating and frightening experience. The school disciplinary boards that oversee these investigations have broad powers to gather evidence, to force you to provide statements, and to levy punishments based on very little evidence. It is imperative that you understand your rights during a Maryland Title IX investigation to increase your chance for a positive outcome.

All students have the right to demand that a school follow its published procedures. Claims of bias or unfair treatment may allow a student to demand a new investigation or a new investigator.

In addition, students always have the right to representation who may be able to help them to cross-examine witnesses or provide powerful statements in their defense. Contact a lawyer today to discover more about your rights during Maryland Title IX investigations.