Types of Virginia Civil Litigation Claims

There are several different types of Virginia civil litigation claims. Basically, anything that is not criminal. A civil litigation case can be for personal injury, business transactions, property disputes, construction disputes, state litigation, trust litigation, and other civil litigation concerns.

Read below to learn more about the different kinds of civil litigation claims that can be brought. And if you have any questions, reach out to an accomplished civil litigation lawyer today.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are handled the same way as other types of civil litigation in Virginia. They start with a complaint where they allege there was either a contract that was enforceable or not, that was breached or where they need to compel performance from the other side and they address it the same way. They go through discovery, get their experts together to assess damages, and put on their presentation.

How are Torts Handled Through Litigation?

Torts are cases that do not involve contractual duties. They are handled the same way as contracts, but the experts may be different. The experts may be more of a person that deals with medical issues or personal health issues such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. However, at the end of the day, they are trying to apportion damages or trying to avoid having damages that are important to them for something that did not involve a contract or some sort of other civic duties such as they were not driving carefully, or they failed to maintain their property in a safe and habitable situation.

Counterclaims in Virginia

Potential for counterclaims likely arise before litigation is even started, and it is something that a commercial litigator is probably considering for the entire process even before a complaint is filed. Attorneys will tell the claimant that there is likelihood there is going to be a counterclaim because it is a way of trying to shift the leverage in a case and trying to put the person on offense on defense a little bit, so the potential is that every case has the potential for it and most attorneys practice it aggressively.

Third-Party Claims in NoVa

Third-party claims can make it more expensive, it can slow down the entire process, it could make discovery more complex and cumbersome for the attorney, and it could make the presentation of events to the jury and to the judge more complex. It is just a way on a larger level to complicate the case much more. On the other hand, since the trial is supposed to be a search for truth, it is a way of making sure that all the right parties are there before the court.

If you have any questions about the types of Virginia civil litigation claims, seek the services of a skilled lawyer. A dedicated attorney could advocate for you and stand by your side throughout the legal process. Get in touch with a well-versed legal professional today. The sooner you call, the sooner a seasoned lawyer could begin working for you.