Initial Meeting with a Virginia Civil Litigation Attorney

During the initial meeting with a Virginia civil litigation attorney, the lawyer will review the facts of the case and discuss your legal options. There is an introduction to the characters involved and what they do. The lawyer should gather as much information as necessary to give the individual an idea of what the case is going to be about. There should be a discussion of cost, and there should be at least some brief indication about whether the case is seen as “good or bad” for the person depending on what the circumstances are. Call a seasoned civil litigation lawyer today and set up a consultation.

Documents to Bring to a Consultation

In NoVa, the claimant should bring any documents they feel are relevant to explain whether the case is subject to a lawsuit. If there is already a lawsuit going on, it can be the papers that were served and were prepared. If it involves a business transaction, they should bring the documents that are at issue in the transaction, real estate transactions, and any other relevant information. The person should bring anything that will give the attorney enough information about the matter to allow them to make a reasonable decision or form an opinion about course of conduct and the next steps.

Discussing Settlements and Trials

At every step, there has to be a discussion about the benefits of the settlement versus the trial and what it is going to cost, not only in terms of money but emotionally to get through the trial. The attorney should be able to express what the cost-benefit is of settling early versus the cost-benefit of settling later or towards the end.

What is an Alternative Dispute Resolution?

During the initial meeting with a Virginia civil litigation attorney, there may be a discussion about an alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution is a mechanism resolving a lawsuit without using the court system. This usually involves third parties that are hired by the parties involved in the suit to help them resolve their dispute. It can either be a contract requirement, it could be something that the court orders, or it could be something that the parties voluntarily undertake. Generally, there is a third party who oversees settlement or in a case when arbitration is essential in any trial.

Benefits of Meeting with a Civil Litigation Lawyer

There are several benefits to your initial meeting with a Virginia civil litigation attorney. At the outset, they would have an idea of what the cost would be to take the matter through trial if it was being tried in the court, and they would be able to use that experience to compare it to what they think the arbitration or alternative dispute resolution will cost the claimants. The lawyer will draw on their experience and the facts and why they understand it and be able to give the client an opinion as to whether their case falls closer to the ones where there are positive results or closer to the ones where there are negative results.