Virginia Civil Litigation Trials

A person’s civil litigation lawyer should help them prepare for the trial from the beginning. Preparing for trial includes explaining what the trial is going to be like, what issues will be tried, how the issues will be presented, trying to provide some basis for determining how long the trial is going to last, what to expect in the lead-up to the trial through discovery, how much documentation they are going to produce, how long they are going to have to sit for a deposition, how they are going to have to be prepared for the deposition, how they are going to have to be prepared to testify at trial as to certain things, including things that the other side brought out that was unfavorable to them, and they have to know how to handle those issues. It is up to the attorney to manage the entire situation for the claimant.

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Common Questions Regarding Litigation Trials in NoVa

There are many questions that a claimant will likely have before a civil litigation trial. These common questions include:

  • How long is the trial going to take?
  • Does the attorney believe they are going to win?
  • What does it mean when there are certain rulings that come down from the judge during the trial?
  • Why is the lawyer not objecting?
  • What was the jury thinking?
  • How much will the trial cost?

An attorney who is knowledgeable about Virginia civil litigation trials will be able to provide answers to these questions.

Purpose of a Pretrial Conference

Pretrial conferences do two things for a civil litigation trial. First, the conference informs the court that the parties are prepared to move ahead to the trial so there will not be any time wasted. Also, the pretrial conference gives the judge at least one last chance to try to get the sides together to settle before they go into the final trial preparation. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer.

Pretrial Motions

There does not have to be any motions filed in pretrial. However, anything filed before trial is technically considered a pretrial, but they have to file a pretrial statement that will explain what the case is about, what the evidence is, what their damages are, who their witnesses are, and what, if any, issues are in dispute. Usually, the court requires the parties to file pretrial statements that layout facts, identifies evidence to be used, identifies witnesses, and damages and identifies legal issues the court will address at trial. Sometimes parties will file what is called motions in limine. Motions in limine are specific motions that address discreet legal issues, usually evidentiary issues that one side or another is trying to raise to keep the other side from raising it.

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