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The District of Columbia has a number of high-quality hospitals, clinics, and specialty medical facilities that provide dedicated and dependable care to just about every patient who passes through their doors. Unfortunately, the small percentage of DC doctors, nurses, and technicians who do not meet the standard of care for their discipline can—and all too often do—cause catastrophic harm to their patients through their negligence.

If you believe your poor condition is due to reckless or careless behavior by your healthcare provider, a Washington DC Jewish medical malpractice lawyer could help you take appropriate legal action to seek financial recovery for your losses. In addition to working on your behalf to maximize available compensation, Seth Price, a seasoned Jewish personal injury attorney could also provide crucial assistance complying with the unique requirements applicable to these types of cases under DC law.

Notice Requirements and Filing Deadlines

Generally speaking, the only deadline that applies to a personal injury claim in the District of Columbia is the statute of limitations established under D.C. Code §12-301. According to this section of the law, prospective medical malpractice plaintiffs generally have a maximum of three years after they discover their injuries in which to pursue litigation and recover damages. However, there are some important exceptions to this rule under certain situations—for instance, the deadline can be “tolled,” or paused until a person who sustains injuries as a child reaches the age of 18.

However, an additional rule applies solely to medical malpractice cases in Washington DC, as an experienced Jewish attorney could explain in further detail. According to D.C. Code §16-2802, individuals intending to file suit against a healthcare provider must notify their prospective defendant(s) of their intentions in writing at least 90 days prior to actually filing their claim, barring a good-faith and legitimate reason a patient cannot meet this requirement. Additionally, as per D.C. Code §16-2803, a person who sends out such a notice within 90 days of the applicable statutory filing deadline can get an extension of up to 90 days from the date they sent out their notice.

What Damages Could a Malpractice Victim Recover For?

Notably, the District of Columbia does not set any limitations on the amount of compensation a successful medical malpractice plaintiff can recover for economic or non-economic damages. Accordingly, a skilled Jewish medical malpractice lawyer could help an injured individual in Washington DC demand financial restitution for the full value of their losses, both those they have already sustained and those they will likely experience in the future.

Recovery in a typical malpractice case will generally center around additional medical expenses necessitated by a healthcare provider’s failure to provide appropriate care. However, other damages that could factor into a comprehensive claim may include lost income from missed time at work, lost future earning capacity due to a newfound disability, additional physical pain, lost enjoyment of life, and lost personal opportunities with family and friends.

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While it is rarely wise to undertake a civil lawsuit without guidance from legal counsel, it is all but impossible for an unrepresented plaintiff to get a good result out of a medical malpractice claim. These types of cases are more complex and labor-intensive than just about any other variety of personal injury litigation, and the insurance companies and defense lawyers who represent major medical facilities will stop at nothing to protect the people who hired them from financial liability.

If you want to give yourself the best chance of effective recovery, working with a Washington DC Jewish medical malpractice lawyer should be a top priority. Let Seth Price help you seek compensation. Call today to get started on your claim.

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