Nursing License Disciplinary Hearing in Washington DC

If you are in the midst of a nursing license disciplinary hearing in Washington, DC, you are entitled to a hearing at various stages throughout this process. This hearing may give you a chance to tell your side of the story, present evidence in support of your innocence, and generally defend yourself against the allegations that could have severe consequences for your nursing license.

However, you may have a better outcome during this hearing in Washington DC if you have legal counsel to represent your interests. A disciplinary hearing before the DC Board of Nursing is different than a hearing held in criminal or civil court. Since these hearings are administrative, they do not follow the same rules and laws as court hearings in the judicial system.  As a result, the guidance of a seasoned nursing license defense lawyer might be essential to your ability to protect your license.

Hearings Following Summary Action

One type of Washington DC disciplinary hearing for a nursing license may occur following the determination of the Mayor that the conduct of a nurse presents an imminent danger to public health and safety. In this situation, the Mayor may summarily restrict or suspend the nursing license of an individual without a hearing.

The licensee will receive notice of the disciplinary action and can request a disciplinary hearing for a nursing license in Washington DC within 72 hours of receiving the notice.

If requested, the Mayor then will hold a hearing within 72 hours of receiving the request for hearing from the licensee and issue a decision within 72 hours of the hearing. If licensees disagree with the hearing decisions, they can file an appeal.

Cease and Desist Orders and Hearings

If the Mayor issues cease and desist orders to prevent nurses from continuing to engage in particular violations of the DC Nurse Practices Act, the nurses have the right to request a hearing within 15 days of receiving the order. Cease and desist orders are based on the conclusion that the violation is causing immediate and irreparable harm to the public.

Nurses who desire expedited hearings can request them within ten days of receiving the cease and desist order by agreeing in writing to waive the regular 15-day notice period that must elapse before the hearing. A hearing then must occur within ten days of the request for an expedited hearing, allowing at least five days for the notice to the individuals who received the cease and desist order.

Disciplinary Hearings Before Disciplinary Action

Individuals have the right to a disciplinary hearing before the Board takes any disciplinary action against their nursing licenses—including the imposition of a civil fine or requiring remediation. After requesting a hearing, individuals should receive notice of the hearing date and time by certified mail at least 15 days before the scheduled hearing.

At the hearing, the Board may require witnesses to attend and produce documentary evidence against the nurse facing the disciplinary charges. The Board may receive any oral or documentary evidence, but it must exclude repetitious, irrelevant, or immaterial evidence.

Legal counsel may represent nurses during disciplinary hearings, and they have the right to cross-examine any witnesses and present any rebuttal evidence to defend nurses from the allegations against them.

The hearing may occur in front of a three-member panel of the Board, which then must issue its decision within 90 days following the hearing date. The decision must take the format of findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Talk to an Attorney About DC Nursing License Disciplinary Hearings

When you are facing disciplinary action regarding your nursing license, the steps that you take to defend yourself may be instrumental to your ability to keep it. A suspension or revocation of your license can result in the loss of your ability to use the education and experience that you spent years earning, as well as an inability to support yourself and your family.

As a result, having an experienced legal advocate on your side for your nursing license disciplinary hearing in Washington DC may be critical.

With legal counsel to build a strong defense strategy and represent your interests, you may be able to defend your career and your future professional opportunities. Legal guidance is highly advisable in this situation.