Restoring a Nursing License in Washington DC

While restoring a nursing license in Washington DC following a suspension or revocation may not be an easy process, it is possible under certain circumstances. You may be eligible for restoration if you can meet the various requirements that the Board of Nursing mandates for reinstatement. Perhaps most importantly, you must ensure that you have completed all requirements listed in your order of license revocation or suspension before applying for the restoration of your license.

Whether you are still fighting back against allegations of misconduct or recovering from the period of license suspension, a skilled nursing license defense lawyer could be critical to your success. With a strong legal advocate representing your interests, you may be more likely to achieve a restoration and continue practicing unimpeded by any allegations.

Reinstatement of a Suspended or Revoked Nursing License

Under the DC Nursing Practice Act, the Board of Nursing can only reinstate a suspended or revoked nursing license according to the terms and conditions of the order of suspension, revocation, the final judgment, or order in any proceeding for review. Individuals who wish to restore their licenses following a suspension or revocation must complete an Application for Licensure by Reinstatement or Reactivation. In doing so, they must meet some additional requirements.

First, applicants must submit evidence of having met the continuing education requirements for the level of nursing license that they are seeking. For LPNs, the requirement is 18 hours of continuing education, and for RNs and Advanced Practice RNs, the requirement is 24 hours.

Applicants also must provide evidence that they have complied with all aspects of the order or revocation or suspension issued by the Board. A certifying body also must verify the current certification status of APRNs.

Applicants also must complete a criminal background check, unless they have completed state and FBI criminal background checks within the last four years. If applicants have been convicted of a crime, terminated due to their clinical practice, or had prior disciplinary actions concerning their licenses, they will have to provide official documentation showing the outcome or status of the case. They also must provide a complete written explanation of the matter to seek Washington DC nursing license restoration.

Answer Screening Questions

Whether individuals are first-time or renewal applicants seeking reactivation or reinstatement following expiration—or if they seeking restoration following a suspension or revocation—they must answer various screening questions about different topics. Many of these topics may involve situations that formed the basis for the prior revocation or suspension.

For any items that individuals answer affirmatively, they must provide a written explanation and supporting documents, such as court paperwork, termination of employment paperwork, and disciplinary action paperwork. Some of the screening questions might address the following topics:

  • Impairment due to a disability or drug use
  • Any criminal convictions other than minor traffic infractions
  • Withdrawals of license applications or voluntary surrenders of licenses or clinical privileges due to pending investigations into misconduct
  • Adverse action against licenses or pending inquiries

Other screening questions concern any terminations of employment or resignations, involvement in malpractice actions, and dismissal from clinical or professional training programs due to unsafe practices. As a result of these various questions, restoring a Washington DC nursing license is not always a simple or straightforward task.

How an Attorney Might Help with a Nursing License Restoration in Washington DC

Although there are some situations in which restoring a nursing license in Washington DC may be impossible, there are other cases in which the Board may permit restoration. Each case is different, which makes it even more crucial that you get the legal advice and evaluation of your situation that you need before you even apply.

If you have complied with all aspects of your suspension or revocation order, you may be eligible for reinstatement. A well-practiced attorney could work to ensure that you have the best chance possible to receive the reinstatement you need.