DC Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Aggravated assault could be charged when someone knowingly causes serious injuries to another. Aggravated assault is when an individual creates a situation for serious bodily injury to another person resulting in serious injury. Physical harm involving serious cuts, broken bones, and concussions might lead to a more serious assault charge. The involvement of weapons leads to felony assault charges like an assault with a dangerous weapon or assault with intent to kill. Someone convicted of aggravated assault faces a higher likelihood of being sentenced to jail for a longer period of time.

If you are facing charges, contact an accomplished assault attorney as soon as possible. A DC aggravated assault lawyer could advocate for you and help you build a strong defense.

The Role of Intent in an Aggravated Assault Case

In most criminal charges, the government must prove the person intended to cause the criminal act. With aggravated assault, the state must prove that the defendant did not accidentally bump into someone, they intended to punch or kick them. Depending on the severity of the injury, there could be a specific intent to cause serious injuries. For example, an intent to permanently maim or injure someone depending on the kind of assault might be part of what the government must prove.

Defining a Serious Bodily Injury

Serious bodily injury is an injury that is more serious than a minor physical injury. It involves a serious risk of death, disfigurement, unconsciousness, loss or impairment of a body member or organ, and severe physical pain. In aggravated assault cases, the judge and a jury look at injuries that require medical attention or hospitalization or resulted in permanent injury. Certain types of assault might not require actual physical injury. Instead, the aggressor creates a situation where serious bodily injury could be a likely result.

For example, a person has a gun and shoots at someone but does not hit them. That is treated as a felony assault because the risk of severe physical injuries is significant. Attempting to run over someone with a car might be another felony assault. There could be variations, such as a person trying to get away or whether they were actually trying to run someone over. The prosecutors consider all the variables when deciding what to do with the charge.

Aggravated Assault Penalties

An aggravated assault charge can lead to up to ten years in jail and a fine of up to $25,000. An attempted to commit aggravated assault could result in up to five years imprisonment.

Even a first-time offender has a good chance of being sentenced to jail time if convicted for aggravated assault. Serious injuries increase the likelihood of a lengthy jail sentence. When someone is facing these penalties, they should reach out to a dedicated aggravated assault lawyer in DC immediately.

A conviction could also lead to long-term consequences. For instance, a convicted person could lose their job and have trouble obtaining a job in the future. Employers may be nervous about hiring someone who has a history of violence. They might not want to bring an individual with an aggravated assault conviction into the work environment.

Aggravated assault charges can jeopardize one’s security clearance and might also create public reputation issues. Also, if the defendant is not a citizen, an aggravated assault charge could lead to deportation.

A Washington DC Aggravated Assault Attorney Could Help

A seasoned DC aggravated assault lawyer could protect your rights and may be able to help you get your charges mitigated or dropped. Call today and set up a consultation with a well-versed legal professional.