DC Felony Assault Lawyer

Felony assault offenses usually involve weapons such as guns, knives, and bats. Felony assault also frequently results in serious injuries. A person could also be charged with felony assault if they shoot at someone, but they did not hit them.

Felony assault charges also include assault with the intent to kill or rob, assault with intent to commit mayhem, assault on a police officer, and threats to do bodily harm. If you have been charged with felony assault, you should reach out to a dedicated assault attorney right away. A DC felony assault lawyer could advocate for you and help you build a strong defense.

Felony Assault Penalties in Washington DC

A person convicted of a felony assault case can face a fine of up to $25,000 and/or up to ten years in prison. When a weapon is involved, sometimes there is a mandatory minimum incarceration period.

After an individual serves their sentence, they may be on parole and have a probationary period. One of the reasons a person wants to hire an accomplished attorney early on in the process is because they may be able to avoid being prosecuted for the felony. A felony assault lawyer in DC could work with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor or get charges dismissed. A misdemeanor assault charge carries significantly fewer penalties than a felony.

Long-Term Impact of a Felony Assault Conviction

The first impact of a felony conviction is that a defendant could be sentenced to jail for multiple years, even as a first-time offender. Also, an assault with intent to kill can lead to even more extensive jail time.

A person with a violent felony conviction can be disqualified from employment and business opportunities. They may be ineligible for school loans and public housing. The person may also lose their right to own a gun. Also, a convicted individual could face issues within their personal life.

Felony Assault Defense Strategies

Self-defense is one of the most frequently used defenses for assault cases. It is a defense that could be extremely effective depending on the circumstances and presentation of the defense. Another defense of felony assault offenses is the alibi. If a person was at work when an assault occurred and there is sufficient evidence to prove that to a jury, it can be a very effective defense. After reviewing the facts of the case, a felony assault attorney in Washington DC could decide which defense strategy could be the most effective.

Where are Felony Assault Cases Heard?

Most felony assault cases are heard in the DC Superior Court. When the Metropolitan Police Department makes arrests, those cases go to Superior Court. On occasion, the case might be heard in the federal court when there are severe aggravating circumstances. For example, if there is suspicion of gang activity or a suspicion that a criminal enterprise is involved. Those types of scenarios might elevate a case into federal court where a person faces longer jail sentences after a conviction. When someone has a case in federal court, they need to quickly get an attorney who is experienced in federal court, knows how to handle complex federal cases, and is familiar with the judges and prosecutors.

Contact a DC Felony Assault Attorney

When someone faces a felony assault charge in Washington, DC, they should have an experienced lawyer because the charges are serious and could result in an extended jail sentence if the individual is convicted. It is crucial that a defendant obtains an aggressive and seasoned attorney to represent them at the beginning of the process who can put an investigative team together and give them the best possible representation. If you are facing charges, call a DC felony assault lawyer today.