Essure Devices Discontinued

Blog, Injury

Essure, a non-surgical female birth control device, has been in the news since 2018 when it was announced that its...

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Civil Fines for False Claims Act Cases Have Recently Been Adjusted

Blog, False Claims Act, News, Whistleblower

The Civil Fines applicable to False Claims Act Cases were adjusted recently to take into account inflation. That is required...

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Holding the Government Accountable for Small Business Loans

Blog, Congress, False Claims Act, In The Press, Whistleblower

Give me some rules with that shake. First it was a story about Shake Shack now it’s Harvard University and...

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The Impact of Representative Pete Stark on Health Care Law and Policy

Blog, False Claims Act, Whistleblower

There has been an awful lot of news lately, so the death of an 88-year-old former Congressman may have escaped...

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Questioning Virginia “Future Dangerousness” Factor in Death Penalty Sentencing

Blog, Virginia

In February 2011, Mark Lawlor, a leasing consultant in Virginia, was convicted of rape, intent to defile, and premeditated murder...

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