Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer

There has been a sizable increase in the number of liability cases filed in the past five years by women with claims of serious injuries due to their transvaginal mesh (TVM) implants.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that “serious complications associated with surgical mesh for transvaginal repair of POP (pelvic organ prolapse) are not rare,” and went on to state that TVM may, “expose patients to greater risk.”

The devices, which are meant to treat weakened or damaged tissue in the pelvic organs, can cause serious and devastating side effects including bowel tears, scarring, blood vessel damage, infection, and bladder damage.

If you have suffered pain and injury from the use of TVM products, you should consult with an experienced transvaginal mesh lawyer immediately.

You can refer to the following information for a general overview of this topic, but only an attorney who understands product liability in your jurisdiction can provide answers to your specific questions and legal advice.

The most frequent problems associated with TVM devices have been widely reported and include:

  • Erosion through vaginal epithelium (the connective ligaments that hold the organ in place);
  • Infection;
  • Urinary problems – including painful urination and incontinence – or involuntary urination;
  • General lower body pain;
  • Recurrence of prolapse – pelvic organs falling out of place;
  • General decrease of quality of life due to vaginal scarring, discomfort, and pain, including acute dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse).

TVM Compensation Claims

In a TVM product liability claim, there are three main points that you must be able to prove to be successful in achieving a jury verdict in your favor, a settlement:

  • You must clearly show that you were injured;
  • You must prove that the TVM medical device caused those injuries;
  • And you must demonstrate that the transvaginal mesh was defective or flawed.

Establishing that you were injured by one of these defective medical devices is the foundation of your chain of proof and is often the greatest challenge. A skilled transvaginal mesh lawyer in will know how to help you organize your medical records and determine, with the help of medical experts, if the proof can be demonstrated.

To further understand the process, please refer to the following resources:

FDA Reports TVM Injury Complaints

In October of 2008, the FDA issued a notification that serious complications had been associated with TVM placement for the repair of POP and stress urinary incontinence. That notification was followed by an update in July of 2011, and a lengthy report that detailed the numbers of complaints filed with the federal agency.

At the time of the 2008 warning, the number of complaints filed with the FDA by surgical mesh manufacturers were calculated at more than 1,000.

When the FDA issued the 2011 updated, it stated, “(F)rom Jan. 01, 2008 through Dec. 31, 2010, the FDA received 2,874 additional reports of complications associated with surgical mesh devices used to repair POP and SUI, with 1,503 reports associated with POP repairs and 1,371 associated with SUI repairs.

Although it is common for adverse event reporting to increase following an FDA safety communication, we are concerned that the number of adverse event reports remains high.”

Women who have been injured by surgical mesh or sling implants may be able to benefit through civil action, which seeks reasonable compensation for the extensive damages that patients have suffered due to defective TVM’s.

In transvaginal mesh and pelvic sling cases, the companies that manufacture the devices may be found responsible for the ensuing injuries and ordered by a court to provide restitution to TVM sufferers for a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost income
  • And punitive damages over and above the injured plaintiff’s actual damages, in order to further punish the defendant corporation.

MDLs and Mass Torts for TVM Injuries

Many transvaginal mesh cases have become a part of mass tort lawsuits. By their very nature, mass tort lawsuits work to deter manufacturers from engaging in further negligence or wrongdoing by holding those manufacturers liable if they are found to have caused widespread harm or put consumers at risk with the production, marketing, and distribution of poor quality or defective medical products.

In a mass tort lawsuit, similarly injured victims join together to share the expenses and representation of evidence to streamline the legal process, which better allows them to take on corporate medical and drug manufacturing giants.

Another option is to pursue an individual claim through the process of multi-district litigation, (MDLs). These tend to involve cases with shared facts which are combined for pre-trial matters for matters of efficiency. Unlike a class action lawsuit, however, each case can be tried separately once the pre-trial proceedings are completed.

In some cases, this approach is favored as it allows for specific settlement amounts to be sought by individual victims, rather than a mass group of victims sharing in one large pay-out. A dedicated attorney who has experience litigating such cases can help you determine which option best suits your needs.

How a Transvaginal Mesh Lawyer Can Help

Product liability claims are very complex and challenging, especially when they involve a defective medical device. We understand that no amount of money can reverse the damage that has been done to you or replace your lost wages and diminished quality of life.

However, pursuing civil justice against negligent and careless product manufacturers who may be responsible for your harms and losses can give you a measure of satisfaction, as well a fighting chance for badly needed financial support.

An experienced and caring TVM lawyer will work aggressively to protect your legal rights and will vigorously pursue the fair compensation that you deserve.

A transvaginal mesh lawyer can begin the process to get payment for what you have suffered, including medical expenses beyond the initial surgery and any lost wages as a result of complications after the surgery. Make a record for your attorney of the medical problems that have occurred and still occur after your surgery.

Together, you and our transvaginal mesh lawyers can fight for the compensation that you deserve.