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Epidural injections are a common method of pain management for mothers going through childbirth as well as for people dealing with back injuries, and when administered appropriately, there are very few risks associated with this form of localized anesthesia. When not properly performed, though, epidural injections can lead to a host of complications and health risks, some of which may be long-term or even permanent in nature.

If you suffered avoidable harm from an epidural because an anesthesiologist did not meet the standard of care applicable to them under the circumstances, you may have grounds for civil litigation that a knowledgeable anesthesia malpractice attorney could help you utilize. With a qualified Washington, DC epidural injury lawyer’s guidance, you could have much better chances not only of establishing fault for your injuries, but also recovering comprehensively for every impact this incident has had and will have on you.

Possible Consequences of Epidural Errors

Put simply, an epidural involves an anesthesiologist injecting a substance that blocks nerve signals into an area very close to the spinal cord, substantially reducing pain from back injuries and often from childbirth. If an anesthesiologist is reckless or careless while administering an epidural, they may wind up puncturing the spinal cord’s outer protective layer, causing permanent nerve damage, and/or leaving an abscess behind that may be susceptible to serious infection.

Pregnant women who receive epidurals during childbirth are unfortunately at even higher risk of severe complications stemming from an improperly administered injection. Epidural errors can result in a pregnant mother experiencing low blood pressure, seizures, or cardiac arrest, any one of which could deprive their unborn child of oxygen and increase their risk of developing lifelong—and possibly life-threatening—conditions like cerebral palsy, heart and respiratory diseases, and traumatic brain injuries.

Even if there are no lasting consequences from an inappropriately administered epidural, a patient may still sustain short-term financial and personal losses thanks to additional medical treatment necessitated by the error. Guidance from a Washington, DC epidural injury attorney could be crucial to identifying who is to blame for this kind of incident and what options an injured patient has for pursuing restitution.

Recovering for Epidural Injuries Within Filing Deadlines

Healthcare providers found liable for epidural injuries may bear financial responsibility for any and all consequences of that injury, including both economic and non-economic losses. Specific losses that could potentially factor into a claim of this nature may include:

  • Additional medical expenses, including the costs of future rehabilitative care
  • Lost short-term wages
  • Lost future earning capacity due to permanent disability
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life
  • Lost consortium
  • Wrongful death damages, if an error leads to an unborn child’s premature death

As with all other forms of malpractice litigation, though, a statutory filing deadline applies to cases based around epidural injuries. As an epidural malpractice lawyer in Washington, DC could affirm, most plaintiffs must file their claims within three years of actually sustaining injury, with only limited exceptions under very specific circumstances.

Get in Touch with a Washington, DC Epidural Injury Attorney

While epidurals are usually low-risk procedures, they can cause serious harm if not properly administered. Anyone who sustains harm through a epidural mistake should consider speaking with legal counsel about their options for financial recovery, as they may be able to hold the provider(s) responsible for harming them accountable for all their ensuing losses.

A Washington, DC epidural injury lawyer could discuss your unique circumstances in detail with you during a confidential consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.

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