Virginia Immigration Delay Lawyer

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of immigration in NoVa is the uncertainty when there has been a delay in the adjudication of a case. You may be full of questions. Is this normal? Did I do anything wrong? And most importantly, is there anything I do to speed up the process?

The answers to these questions will depend on the factors causing the delay. Many times, an experienced Virginia immigration delay lawyer could investigate to ascertain the reason for a delay and the actions that may be taken to alleviate some or all of the issues causing the delay.

Sometimes the causes of immigration delay are out of our control, but if remedial action can get things back on track, you want to know about it. When you work with a dedicated immigration attorney, you can feel confident that you are taking an affirmative step toward unraveling the mystery and resolving the delay.

When Taking Action Can Alleviate a Delay

To say the immigration process is complex is a tremendous understatement. With numerous stages and several federal agencies involved, immigration processing becomes subject to delays at multiple points.

The high number of immigration petitions and visa applications often creates backlogs, so a delay may be due to the sheer volume of paperwork to be completed by a limited number of federal employees. Delays are also frequently caused by the great number of applicants waiting for a small number of openings. Those with a lower preference ranking will often encounter much longer delays than those who qualify for a higher preference category.

Sometimes, however, a delay may be caused by factors such as:

  • Lost paperwork
  • Missing documentation
  • A discrepancy in the information provided
  • Information (or a request for information) sent to the wrong address
  • Lack of communication between agencies

In these situations, it can be relatively simple to correct the error and continue the process. However, these problems may remain undiscovered or get buried under other issues until an investigation by an attorney or other interested party brings the problem to light.

Filing a Writ of Mandamus May Provide Relief

Sometimes, it may be helpful to file a writ of mandamus. This is a legal procedure that focuses attention on a government agency’s failure to take action within a reasonable period of time. If a court agrees that the agency in question has delayed unreasonably, the court may order the agency to make a decision on a particular application.

The court will not usually take away the agency’s authority and make the decision on the agency’s behalf. Rather, the court may act to compel the agency to move forward with the process. An immigration delay lawyer in NoVa could determine whether a delay in processing a petition for immigration or visa application can be considered unreasonable and whether a writ of mandamus will be advisable under the circumstances.

Contact a Virginia Immigration Delay Attorney Today

Other legal remedies may be available depending on the situation. For instance, the law provides a specific procedure to seek relief for delays in the naturalization process.

An experienced Virginia immigration delay lawyer could evaluate your situation to determine whether it is wise to initiate an investigation or take legal action. An attorney may also reassure you that the delay you are encountering is no cause for concern. For a consultation to learn how an immigration delay attorney can assist you, call now.