In this episode, Tony interviews John Kostyack. John is the Executive Director at the National Whistleblower Center. John has an extraordinary passion for promoting justice through his extensive experience in environmental law. This passion led him to joining the National Whistleblower Center as he believes whistleblowers are incredibly powerful and courageous to create and bring about justice.

Tony and John discuss the importance of whistleblowers, as well as laws and legal grounds involving whistleblowers. The two discuss the False Claims Act and how it has changed and affects the whistleblowers life. John explains that being a whistleblower can be completed totally confidentially and keeping the whistleblower totally safe. John and the National Whistleblower Center are working everyday to not only create whistleblower laws around the world, but effective whistleblower laws to help bring justice to whistleblowers everywhere, while keeping these people safe.

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