Motor Vehicle Whistleblower Lawyer

Whistleblower cases regarding motor vehicles are protected under a new law under the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). The law itself says that the SEC rules provide a starting point for how to administer it.

It is a law that allows whistleblowers to report to that agency if they are in the business and they see a safety or a manufacturing defect in motor vehicles. The NHTSA can go forward with some form of action against the defendant based on the whistleblower’s information, and the whistleblower can obtain an award. For more information, contact a motor vehicle whistleblower lawyer. A seasoned whistleblower attorney could protect you and help you recover your award.

Whistleblower Award for Motor Vehicle Cases

To file a case, the individual has to submit the information to the NHTSA. They have not as yet come up with the form as in the SEC or Whistleblower Law. However, they do have an office for a whistleblower to which one can submit the information and provide the basis of their claim.

Under the NHTSA, they get 10% to 30% of any monetary sanctions over $1 million that the government imposes based on the information. They have to make a threshold of a million dollars worth of damages under the law. For more information, consult with a motor vehicle whistleblower lawyer.

Whistleblower Protections

The protections that may be available include that they can sue for retaliation from an employer and they can generally remain anonymous while they file charges to the NHTSA. It is modeled after the SEC whistleblower program, which provides similar protections. However, they have not fully fleshed out the regulations. Still, the law is supposed to provide whistleblower protection in the form of providing a base is to sue for retaliation if the person is fired for reporting on motor vehicle safety under this law.

Eligibility to be a Whistleblower

To be eligible to be a whistleblower, the individual has to be an employee, contractor, or a motor vehicle manufacturer. They could be dealers or suppliers, and consumers could be both an insider and a user, but this is not a Consumer Protection Law. This is a law for insiders within the motor vehicle industry who have knowledge about motor vehicles or the lack of motor vehicle safety in vehicles to confer with information.

Therefore, for that reason, it is good that the law is not restricted to US citizens. Obviously, a vehicle would have to be sold in this country, but in terms of whistleblowers, it is not restricted to US citizens. It is restricted to insiders who have at least some connection to being able to claim some status as an insider within the industry.

Benefits of a Motor Vehicle Whistleblower Attorney

There is a lot to know when considering whether or not they may have a case, whether or not someone is in a position to bring a case, what the person’s rights are, or whether the case has the possibility of succeeding under that law. There may be other laws that may apply to the case. After all, if it is a major safety violation that might be a violation of the NHTSA whistleblower law, then it may violate other whistleblower laws. For all those reasons, in addition to just being able to bring as strong and positive a case as possible, anyone considering filing something under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act should seek out legal representation. Call a motor vehicle whistleblower lawyer today.