Civil Fines for False Claims Act Cases Have Recently Been Adjusted

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The Civil Fines applicable to False Claims Act Cases were adjusted recently to take into account inflation. That is required...

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Expanding Telemedicine Reimbursements Could Increase Risk of Fraud

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On March 17, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services expanded reimbursements for the use of telemedicine and instituted blanket...

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Potential for Fraud Following the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Whistleblowers and government lawyers who fight fraud used to think a billion dollars was a lot of money. Now the...

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Fraud During the Time of the Coronavirus

False Claims Act, In The Press, News, Whistleblower

The National Whistleblowers Center has already called for a special coronavirus Committee in the Department of Justice and the DoJ...

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Wells Fargo Scandal Leads to Two Board Resignations

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On March 9, Wells Fargo announced two resignations from its board, including its Chairwoman Elizabeth A. Duke. She had served...

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