Will My Insurance Go Up if I’m Not Responsible for a Car Accident in Virginia?

A common worry among motorists is whether to report accidents to their insurers due to fear of their rate increasing. When negligent motorists fail to exercise reasonable care while traveling on state roads and highways, they are held legally responsible for the damages they cause. While insurance agencies can increase insurance premium rates for customers at fault for car crashes, Virginia laws protect residents when they are not at fault.

Virginia Auto Insurance Policies and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Virginia insurance statutes follow the traditional at-fault rule to determine who pays the damages from a car accident. This means the negligent motorist who causes the wreck is responsible for covering the damages for themselves and everyone involved in the crash. However, the other drivers may need to file a claim with their insurer as well after an accident with someone driving without insurance or who has inadequate coverage to pay for the damages.

Typically, these damages will be covered under an uninsured motorist (UM) policy. UM auto insurance coverage is a safety net to ensure motorists are not left paying the damages when other drivers do not have adequate coverage. This extra protection is part of most standard auto insurance policies.

Insurers Are Prohibited from Increasing Rates in Certain Situations

Understanding insurance policies and how coverage works is crucial for policyholders to protect themselves and ensure that they are not unfairly penalized by the insurer. According to the Virginia Code § 38.2-1905, insurance regulations prohibit automobile insurance providers from increasing safe driver insurance plan premiums after accidents caused by another motorist. Rate increases or charging points against the policyholder’s account are only lawful for vehicle collisions the insured was partially or entirely at fault for causing. If you have been subjected to paying an increased rate caused by another motorist you can file a complaint with the Virginia Bureau of Insurance for help.

The agency must notify policyholders of rate increases and their right to appeal the decision in writing when they raise rates due to shared liability. Virginia Auto Insurance policyholders have 60 days to appeal the increase with the State Corporation Commission from the date they receive the insurer’s notice.

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