Who Is Liable for a Commercial Truck Accident in Maryland?

Commercial trucks’ immense height and weight make crashes severe and present more hazards than regular passenger vehicles. Because of this, federal and state laws hold truckers and the companies they work for to an elevated duty of care. Truckers must always ensure compliance with safety rules and regulations or risk losing their ability to carry a commercial driver’s license.

When a commercial vehicle wreck occurs due to a violation of these rules, multiple parties may hold responsibility for the event. Speaking with a knowledgeable attorney can help you determine who is liable for a commercial truck accident in Maryland.

Potential Liable Parties in a Truck Collision Claim

Determining liability for a truck crash in Maryland requires an extensive investigation and review of the evidence and facts. A civil lawsuit could name two or more defendants, depending on the accident’s circumstances. The potentially liable parties include the following:

The Commercial Truck Driver

If the evidence shows the crash happened because of the driver’s negligence, they could be liable for the damages. Negligent actions could include speeding, reckless driving maneuvers, operating the truck under the influence, or other truck industry and traffic law violations.

The Transportation Company Handling the Operations

The transportation company that oversees operations is also under stringent rules and regulations. They could be at fault for the collision and damages if they did not complete the necessary drug testing or ensure the driver complied with restrictions on time spent behind the wheel.

The Companies Responsible for Loading the Cargo or Handling Maintenance

Third-party companies could also be responsible for the crash, including the businesses that handle the cargo or maintenance. If the truck’s load was over the legal weight allowed by laws or the truck failed because of lack of upkeep, those businesses could be listed as defendants in the civil case.

The Truck Manufacturer

Truck manufacturers must ensure their vehicles and equipment are safe or recall them to make repairs. If an accident happens because of a defective part, the truck manufacturer could be a defendant in the case.

Maryland’s Commercial Trucking Insurance Coverage Requirements

All motorists in Maryland must carry auto insurance to legally operate vehicles on state roads and highways. Federal and state regulations require commercial trucking businesses to ensure all vehicles meet higher minimum coverage than other drivers.

According to the rules provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Maryland trucking companies must carry liability insurance coverage on every truck they operate. The policy must have at least $750,000 in coverage, depending on the type of goods they carry. Trucks transporting hazardous material must carry a minimum of $5,000,000 in coverage.

Insurance coverage plays a big part in personal injury settlements. Once the court determines liability for the Maryland truck collision, the responsible party’s insurance plan pays the settlement amount. In many cases, the compensation you can receive for your losses depends on how much coverage is available.

Call Us for Help Establishing Who Is Liable for Your Maryland Commercial Truck Accident

Determining fault after any type of accident is a complex but necessary process. Listing all responsible parties on the claim is crucial to ensure you recover the full and fair award amount you deserve.

Hiring an attorney who is knowledgeable about commercial truck crashes could ensure you reach the best outcome in your case. When you experience injuries in a wreck, call our team for help finding the evidence to prove who is liable for a commercial truck accident in Maryland.