What to Do After a Concussion

Suffering brain trauma can have both long-lasting physical and psychological effects. While concussions are generally not as life-threatening as some other kinds of traumatic brain injuries (TBI), it is still crucial to get proper medical care after sustaining one. You might also need to restructure your life in the short term around making sure your brain can heal from the damage it sustained.

Knowing what to do after a concussion is key not just to shortening the amount of time you spend out of work or being unable to participate in personal hobbies but often to minimizing the risk that your TBI will have lifelong repercussions for you. Here are some concussion care tips to keep in mind while you are on the mend from this type of injury.

Immediately Seek Professional Medical Care

Even if you are only experiencing mild symptoms after suffering a serious blow to the head, neck, or face, your number-one priority should be going to a medical care facility for an immediate evaluation. It is not unheard of for moderate to severe TBIs to produce symptoms in the first hours and even days after someone sustains one. Failing to get professional medical attention quickly after a brain injury dramatically increases the risk of causing permanent physical or cognitive impairment. Regardless of whether your symptoms improve, it is still important to be careful as the injury might not be as healed as you think.

Focus on Pain and Stress Management

When it comes to at-home care during the aftermath of a concussion, your main priority should be minimizing unnecessary strain on your brain. Resting in a dark room without straining your eyes can be vital to letting your brain heal during this sensitive period of time. 

It is also best to avoid consuming alcoholic or caffeinated beverages while recovering from a concussion. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet along with a normal sleep schedule can help your body recover as fast as possible. Stress can also worsen the effects of a concussion and make the healing process take longer, so staying calm and relaxed can be a vital part of effective recovery.

Contact Legal Counsel if Your Concussion Came From an Avoidable Accident

While taking legal action shouldn’t take priority over getting necessary medical care and maintaining your own physical and psychological well-being, holding the parties whose careless conduct directly led to you sustaining an otherwise avoidable concussion is essential. Through a successful civil claim, you could gain financial compensation to recover for medical expenses related to the care you have already received, as well as expected future medical costs, loss of work income, physical pain, and psychological distress.

A knowledgeable traumatic brain injury attorney could discuss your options with you in further detail during a confidential consultation. Call Price Benowitz today to find the best legal options for you.