Penalties For Drunk Driving Are Serious In Maryland

This blog last discussed the details of drunk driving charges in Maryland and a look at the particulars of penalties associated with drunk driving charges may also be useful. When an individual has been charged with DUI or DWI in Maryland, it is important to understand criminal defense rights because of the serious nature of potential penalties and consequences the accused individual is facing.

Individuals accused of drunk driving can face potential penalties including jail time; fines; suspension or revocation of a driver’s license; the requirement to enroll and complete an alcohol or drug substance abuse course; installation of an ignition interlock device on the accused individual’s vehicle; probation; and a criminal record. DUI charges can carry both criminal and legal penalties and it is important to keep in mind that they can apply to driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs or other intoxicating substances.

In addition, penalties can be even more significant if certain circumstances are present or if the accused individual has repeated drunk driving charges. It is helpful to be familiar with the circumstances that may lead to an enhanced punishment. Drunk driving charges can be defended against like most criminal charges and may be challenged based on a lack of evidence, if police did not follow required procedures or a dispute about that alleged facts of the incident.

Accused individuals should be familiar with the criminal defense options to determine which is the best path forward for their case and circumstances. A strong criminal defense strategy is important in any situation an accused individual is facing.