Help With Traffic Charges

Serious criminal charges are not the only types of charges people may need help with. Traffic offenses can cause significant everyday problems for accused individuals, ranging from time away from work, associated costs, increased insurance costs, and potential driver’s license problems as well.

Traffic offenses that may have a detrimental impact on the life of the accused individual can include traffic offenses for allegedly running a red light; driving without a valid driver’s license; driving without a valid registration; driving without valid insurance; speeding charges; reckless driving charges; charges of distracted driving; or accusations of leaving the scene of an accident. All of these offenses can carry potentially serious penalties and consequences for those accused of them.

As is true of any criminal charges, including traffic offenses, it is always possible to challenge the alleged evidence against the accused individual, such as witness statements and observations and facts recorded by police. There are certain requirements authorities have to follow to protect accused individuals and, if they fail to do so, it may be possible to challenge the charges based on their failure to follow procedures designed for the protection of the accused.

If you are facing traffic charges, or any other type of criminal charges, speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can, before you speak to the police or other authorities. A skilled criminal defense attorney can advise you on your options, defend your rights and argue on your behalf. To learn more, see our criminal law page.