Could Your Job Give You Cancer?

Your health can be affected by many things. This includes your job. Certain occupations can have added health risks connected to them. For example, some jobs can involve working around potentially harmful chemicals, fumes, exhaust, dust, etc.

Exposure to such substances could up a person’s risk of developing diseases. Depending on what the particular substance is, this could include cancer.

There are a range of different jobs that are associated with the potential for higher cancer risks due to the chemicals and substances workers could be exposed to in these positions. Some examples include:

  • Welders
  • Miners
  • Manicurists
  • Hairdressers
  • Firefighters

Now, a person’s chances of being exposed to cancer risks on the job are, of course, not just affected by what field they are in. A range of other factors can play a significant role, including what safety measures their employer takes when it comes to protecting workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances. One hopes all employers in Maryland are taking all appropriate measures regarding protecting worker health and safety.

Like workplace injuries, workplace diseases (such as cancer developed through workplace exposures) can qualify a worker for workers’ compensation benefits. However, there can be challenges for occupational disease victims when it comes to getting such benefits. Cancer and other diseases can have a lot of potential causes. So, there can be difficulties in proving that a cancer a person developed was connected to their job. Given these challenges, skilled legal help can an important thing for workers to have when pursuing workers’ comp claims in relation to cancer or other illnesses.