Whistleblower Reward Rules

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For the second time this year a vote on proposed SEC Whistleblower rules changes was postponed. It was supposed to...

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Zoom and Legal Practice Under the False Claims Act

False Claims Act, Whistleblower

We’ve all been stuck inside the new normal of life for a long time now, but cases to fight fraud...

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Civil Fines for False Claims Act Cases Have Recently Been Adjusted

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The Civil Fines applicable to False Claims Act Cases were adjusted recently to take into account inflation. That is required...

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U.S. Treasury Department Asking Public Companies to Return PPP Loans

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Perhaps the world is turning just a bit.   After years of complaining about regulations and how oppressive they are, people...

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Holding the Government Accountable for Small Business Loans

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Give me some rules with that shake. First it was a story about Shake Shack now it’s Harvard University and...

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