What To Do If You Are In A Motorcycle Crash

As summer wraps up, you and other motorcyclists are probably enjoying your last rides before winter hits. As you ride, the last thing on your mind is an accident. However, these things can happen, particularly when riders have been drinking. According to the National Safety Council, 28% of the motorcyclists in fatal crashes in 2017 were alcohol-impaired.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if it ever happens to you.

Keep all records

Being involved in a crash can be jarring in many ways. You may be in shock, disjointed and/or anxious about what might happen. In such situations, it is best to remain calm and take an inventory of the scene.

Taking pictures and/or videos of all involved parties and motor vehicles can help preserve evidence that your lawyer and/or insurance agent may want to know. Also be sure to take the names and contact information of all parties, including any police officers who respond.

Know your rights

Different states have different laws and penalties for drunk driving.

Maryland has an implied consent law, meaning that it assumes that drivers operating a vehicle in the state give consent to a test of his or her blood or breath. However, that law applies only if the driver is legally detained for suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence.

Also keep in mind that in the state of Maryland, you could be subject to penalties if you refuse chemical testing such as a breath test if law enforcement pulls you over for suspicion of DUI.

Get legal help

It is important to also seek legal counsel if you are involved in a motorcycle crash where alcohol was a factor. An experienced traffic attorney can help put forward your best interests in court. Being involved in a crash can be daunting, but you do not have to face it alone. You can arm yourself with knowledge and an attorney who will fight by your side.