How Does Fatigue Impact Driving Ability?

In today’s busy world, people are constantly rushing to get to their next destination. Often, we feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Something has to give, and usually this sacrifice is sleep.

We often do not realize how dangerous it can be to try to get by with less sleep, especially behind the wheel of an automobile. Fatigue can have serious impacts on driving ability, reducing reaction time and decision-making abilities. If you were in an accident that may have been caused by a fatigued driver, a local skilled car accident attorney could help you pursue compensation for your losses.

Effects of Drowsy Driving

Although most people are aware of the many dangers of drinking and driving, not as many people realize that fatigued driving can cause some of the same problems and be just as dangerous. Overtired drivers have significantly slower reaction times and are often unable to react quickly to avert emergencies. Their decision-making abilities are also frequently impaired, so fatigued drivers often make bad judgment calls. They also are not as aware of their surroundings, so they are not prepared to take charge to get themselves out of dangerous situations. These problems can also amplify depending on how tired the motorist is.

Drowsy drivers can also fall asleep behind the wheel. Even if it is only a microsleep, which means that the driver closes their eyes for a mere few seconds, sleeping drivers can cause catastrophic accidents.

If a person suspects that the driver who hit them was overtired, they might have difficulty proving it, which is why it is critical to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after a crash. A lawyer could use their experience to perform a thorough investigation of the crash.

Who is Likely to be a Fatigued Driver?

Some people are more prone to fatigued driving than others. Someone’s job may put pressure on them to stay up late, or medical conditions could make them unable to stay awake at the wheel.

Certain Occupations

Truck drivers often feel pressure to meet tight deadlines and make deliveries in unrealistic time schedules, so they may be inclined to drive longer than they should. Other commercial drivers, who drive for long periods and often on monotonous roads, such as bus drivers, may also be more apt to become tired behind the wheel. People who work overnight shifts or irregular hours might find it hard to fight their body’s natural desire to sleep, so they might get into accidents because they are overtired.

Medical Conditions

Some people are physically unable to stay awake due to medical conditions. Individuals might suffer from sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy, or experience drowsiness as a side effect of a medication.

Hire a Lawyer Who Understands How Fatigue Impacts Driving Ability

If you believe that a drowsy driver hit you, it is imperative to consult with an attorney right away. A seasoned lawyer could give your claim the attention it deserves and help you pursue legal action against a fatigued driver. You do not have to deal with your case on your own– call today to speak with a dedicated professional about your options.