Can You Sue an Airbnb Owner for an Injury?

In the past, the only option for vacationing travelers was to stay in hotels, motels, or inns. In recent years, people have begun to stay more frequently in private homes rented through companies such as Airbnb and VRBO. Staying at houses is often more affordable and convenient and offers several other advantages to travelers, such as more space, different options, and access to a kitchen.

Unfortunately, with so many people renting homes, injuries inevitably occur. When people sustain severe injuries in rented homes, they often wonder if they can sue the Airbnb owner for their losses. In certain circumstances, the homeowners may be liable. If you sustained an injury in a rented home, a skilled local attorney could help you understand the applicable liability laws and pursue the financial compensation you deserve.

Claims Under the Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Sudden and unexpected injuries can wreak havoc on all areas of a person’s life. They might have to endure painful medical procedures and face physical and emotional limitations due to the accident. If they cannot work because of their injuries, their medical bills and other expenses can quickly pile up.

Usually, when a person gets hurt while on another party’s property, they can collect damages from the homeowner’s insurance under their liability policy. However, renting one’s home under Airbnb or VRBO is a commercial use of the property, so many homeowner’s insurance policies would not cover the costs of injuries to renters.

Some homeowners, particularly those who are experienced hosts, purchase additional commercial or limited use insurance coverages. A dedicated local attorney could review the policies of the homeowner in question to see if they would protect an injured renter.

Claims Under the Host Protection Insurance

Even if the host’s private insurance policy excludes coverage to renters, there might be other avenues of compensation still available. Airbnb now covers up to $1 million in liability protection for its hosts, but this insurance is only available in limited situations. Generally, the injuries need to be accidental, specifically related to the property, and a result of the homeowner’s negligence.

The host protection insurance might apply in the following scenarios:

  • Tripping on a broken carpet or uneven flooring
  • Slipping on a defective staircase
  • Falling due to damaged walkways
  • Tripping and falling because of inadequate lighting
  • Tripping on other hazards

Where Host Protection Insurance Does Not Apply

Airbnb’s host protection insurance does not apply to injuries resulting from willful, intentional harm, such as assault or abuse. The insurance also excludes injuries that are not closely related to the property, so something like a car accident occurring near but not on the property would likely not be covered. A knowledgeable attorney could determine if host protection insurance may apply to a specific situation and discuss other options for recovery.

Discuss Airbnb Injury Cases with a Skilled Attorney

Airbnbs are supposed to be fun, relaxing getaways. Unfortunately, hazardous conditions in a rental could turn a blissful vacation into a legal nightmare. If an accident occurs due to unsafe conditions in a rental, you should not have to bear the cost of your injuries on your own. A seasoned lawyer could review the facts of your situation and help you determine whether you could sue an Airbnb owner for your injuries. Call today to discuss your case with a dedicated legal professional.