Can I Sue for Pregnancy Complications Following a Car Accident?

Any injuries caused by a motor vehicle collision can have a substantial effect on a crash victim’s day-to-day or even month-to-month life following the incident. However, virtually no one is at greater risk of life-altering harm from this kind of accident than women who are currently pregnant, especially if they sustain a traumatic impact to their abdomen or spine.

If someone else’s negligence on the road causes injuries to either a soon-to-be mother or her unborn child, it is possible for her to sue for pregnancy complications caused by that car accident. A compassionate auto accident lawyer could explain how these sensitive and high-stakes cases work in detail during a confidential consultation.

Major Risks to Pregnant Women Involved in Auto Wrecks

Even if a pregnant woman does not experience any visible external damage or lacerations in a car accident, they may still sustain internal injuries that could pose an immense risk not only to their baby’s health, but also their own. One of the most dangerous effects that an auto accident can have on someone carrying a fetus is an injury called “placental abruption.”

This entails a fetus separating partially or completely from the uterus prior to birth, depriving them of essential nutrients and oxygen and dramatically increasing the risk of hemorrhaging, early labor, and miscarriage. Direct impact injuries to the uterus or to the fetus itself during a vehicle collision can also cause substantial and possibly life-threatening complications.

The Importance of Seeking Prompt Medical Attention

Regardless of whether an expecting mother notices any symptoms of injuries or even feels any pain following a car wreck, it is absolutely crucial that they go to their primary care physician or the emergency room as soon as reasonably possible. If nothing else, a timely checkup could confirm that nothing is wrong with mother or child, giving everyone peace of mind while they potentially pursue restitution for other accident-related damages.

If a pregnant woman or her baby did sustain harm in a crash, though, immediate medical attention could make a world of difference in identifying injuries and minimizing the chances that they result in long-term harm. Any financial costs associated with this initial medical care could then be factored into an ensuing personal injury claim against the person responsible for the incident.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

In addition to emergency medical expenses, various other forms of harm may qualify as recoverable losses during a car accident claim prompted by pregnancy complications. On the more traditional side of things, any injuries that keep an expecting mother out of work, lead to her losing personal property, or which cause her physical or emotional pain could allow for increased recovery through a successful claim.

In more extreme situations, any long-term harm a mother or child suffers because of another party’s misconduct could be incorporated into a settlement demand or lawsuit as losses of future earning capacity, consortium, and/or enjoyment of life, as well as future costs for physical, developmental, occupational, and/or speech therapy necessitated by fetal injuries. Finally, in the worst-case scenario, the wrongful death of a fetus due to a car wreck may warrant substantial financial recovery for ensuing financial, personal, and psychological harm.