Maryland Criminal Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing any criminal charges in the state of Maryland, no matter how serious they may seem, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. The lawyers at our firm are prepared to design a defense strategy that takes into account your unique personal circumstances. In addition to making sure that your rights are protected in court, your attorney will take steps to minimize the impact of these criminal charges on your life. Our friendly team is standing by to conduct your free consultation, so call now.

An Overview of Serious Federal and Maryland Criminal Charges

The number and degree of Maryland (and federal) felonies is large and intimidating. If you are convicted, the fines, sentences, and damage to your criminal record, professional (and family) life can take years to overcome. If charged with any felony or serious misdemeanor, a Maryland criminal lawyer with deep experience at defending those who are charged with serious crimes can boost your defense efforts.

Below are brief explanations of Maryland criminal offenses and the possible penalties for a guilty verdict.