Nottoway County Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering a personal injury is a serious event that demands a person’s full attention. This includes seeking medical care for physical injuries, adjusting one’s lifestyle to make a recovery, and looking for ways to cover financial deficits.

However, just as important is understanding one’s legal rights after an injury. If the injury was the result of another party’s actions, either an accident or an act of violence, that party has an obligation to provide compensation. Even so, it is only if an injured person can prove that another was to blame for an incident that they can collect these payments.

A Nottoway County personal injury lawyer may be able to help injured people to seek out the compensation that they deserve. From one phone call, a skilled attorney can explain the law, evaluate a potential case, and gather evidence that places blame for an injury on the shoulders of another party.

Proving Fault for an Injury

People who suffer injuries can only collect compensation if they are able to prove that another party was at fault for the incident. In most situations, this means proving negligence. Negligence is a legal concept that states that people or companies are liable for injuries that they cause to others if they do not take proper care. Prominent examples of this dynamic include car accidents, medical malpractice, producing defective products, and allowing visitors to enter hazardous land. A personal injury attorney in Nottoway County could work to demonstrate how a party’s negligence led to an accident.

In addition, an attorney can work to defend an injured person’s actions. Nottoway County is in one of a few states that still uses the concept called contributory negligence. According to Virginia Civil Model Jury Instruction 6.000, defendants in negligence cases can argue that an injured person did not act reasonably in protecting themselves leading up to the accident. If a defendant successfully makes this argument, a court cannot award compensation. A lawyer’s aim is to show that a defendant was the sole responsible party for a person’s injuries.

Demonstrating the Effects of an Injury

Proving that another party was at fault for an injury is only one part of a comprehensive claim for compensation. It is just as important to be able to demonstrate the ways in which that incident has impacted a person’s life.

Of course, a physical injury is the most obvious result. Separated joints, concussions, and broken bones are among the most common examples. However, a defendant who is at fault for an incident must provide payments for all necessary medical care, no matter how extensive that care may be.

Incidents can also impact peoples’ lives in other ways. Many individuals experience a reduction in their quality of life due to pain, loss of time with loved ones, or an inability to enjoy a hobby. Others find that they are unable to return to work while making a recovery or endure a permanent disability. A Nottoway County personal injury attorney aims to measure the full impact of an incident on a person’s life to demand appropriate payments from all liable parties.

A Nottoway County Personal Injury Attorney Could Help

Any party who is at fault for an incident that results in a personal injury may be liable to provide compensation. However, proving this fault can be difficult, and state laws say that a person who does not take proper steps to protect themselves cannot collect payments. In addition, properly measuring the extent of one’s losses can also be complicated.

An attorney can work to explain the relevant laws and how they impact your case. They could also perform a full investigation into the incident to gather the evidence needed to prove liability. There is a limited time after an injury to seek payment. Reach out to a Nottoway County personal injury lawyer today to learn more.